Bridal material on zee world Sunday 3rd July 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Sunday 3rd July 2022: Vivan finds Guruma’s trishal and hears a sound, strolls towards it and sees Guruma caught in a container. He breaks bottle. Master maa tumbles down. He asks where is Meera, she was correct, Tulika is certainly not a decent young lady. She focuses at bearing. Vivan runs toward the path. Tulika with dark enchantment gets engrasped Meera into ground and chuckles saying let us check whether her dark wizardry will win or Meera’s bhakti. Meera thinks back Dolly recommending her to recite hanuman chalisa. She begins reciting and returns on ground.

Tulika’s hands torch and she falls. Vivan arrives at there. Tulika shows her consuming hands to Meera. Meera runs and lights fire. Tulika says Dayan consumed her hands. Vivan says she is dayan. Tulika says she isn’t dayan, her mom blacks wizardry and she is dayan, he can ask Gurumma, she saw the entire occurrence. Vivan says Gurumaa herself can’t talk, else she would have uncovered truth. Tulika keeps acting guiltless, Meera confides in her aimlessly while Vivan stands befuddled whom to accept.

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Meera and Vivan get back with Tulika. Biji asks Tulika how could she consume her hands. Ruler enters and shyingly says Tulika consented to wed him. Meera celebrates while Dolly figures how to save her child from dayan Tulika. She tells let us take Guruma’s viewpoint first. Tulika sits going about as timid.

Bridal material on zee world Sunday 3rd July 2022: Meera and Vivan return to their room and get heartfelt. Meera dozes on Vivan’s shoulders while a heartfelt tune plays behind the scenes. Tulika does her dark enchantment. Meera’s eyes become red, she awakens and goes after Vivan,but Vivan get away and Meera breakdowns. Entire family assembles. Gurumaa comes. Family strolls to her, Dolly requests that Tulika accompany Meera. Vivan meets gurumaa who gives dayan’s hair, a heavenly memento and letter, favors Vivan and leaves. Vivan peruses letter that he ought to tie this blessed memento in Meera’s neck. Tulika figures she will end Vivan today and starts dark sorcery on Meera.

Tulika orders spellbound Meera to kill vivan. Meera picks blade and heads to wound Vivan.


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