Bridal material on zee world Thursday 30th June 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Thursday 30th June 2022: Meera and Vivan with family hang tight for ravan dahan. Tulika begins dark sorcery enchantment in wilderness and thinks Meera and Vivan disturbed her sister, she will rebuff them with dark magi and get payback. Daai makes sense of explanation for ravan dahan and says goodness prevails upon insidious on this day with ravan dahan. Tulika takes out her sister Paromita’s skeleton and genuinely says her sister used to take care of him from her hands, however she shot her sister from her hands while attempting to shoot Vivan.

She blacks wizardry on skeleton with Meera’s nail and bindi and pricks nail in skeleton’s neck. Mera feels nail prick in her neck and yells. Cart inquires as to whether she is fine and goes to bring something for her. Meera sees her nails becoming pink and typical and gets apprehensive. Tulika giggles that she can totally control Meera now and will imbue Meera’s spirit into her sister’s body soon. Meera keeps feeling nail prick and yells. Cart cruises by. Tulika gets strained and figures she ought to stop her. She conceals on tree with skeleton. Cart sees dark sorcery setting and strolls towards it. Tulika shoos bats on her and she takes off yelling. Tulika yells she will make mother a dwhole family yell.

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Bridal material on zee world Thursday 30th June 2022: Vivan joins Meera and seeing nail blemish on her neck and asks what has been going on with her. She says she is fine. Biji ssays let us finish ravan dahan. Vivan holding Meera’s hand shoots bolt and consumes ravan model. Everybody present join her. Cart comes running and inquires as to whether she is fine. Meeera says OK and asks what has been going on with her. Cart says she saw dark enchantment courses of action there. They generally stroll to the scene and see Tulika there with options limited and yelling for help. Meera consoles her. Tulika sneers.

Precap: Gurumaa cautions Dolly’s family against Tulika. Cart says she questioned that young lady all along. Gurumaa says one shouldn’t confide in stranger unexpectedly early.


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