Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 5th July 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 5th July 2022: Tulika can’t go into house because of Mehandipur balaji’s mehandi engraves on primary entry walls. She goes about as falling and lets Prince know that Meera has dayan’s shadow on her and it influences unmarried young ladies, so she doesn’t need this mehandi on walls. Ruler says she likewise can engrave mehandi on walls. Tulika supposes on the off chance that she enters, she will consume, says she believes him should wipe Meera’s engravings, then, at that point, she will engrave mehandi on walls. Sovereign wipes mehandi from walls. Tulika goes into house. Vivan lets somebody know that Tulika can’t go into house as a result of mehandipur Balaji’s mehandi on entryway. He is stunned to see Tulika in. Sovereign says he and Tulika shopped a ton for their wedding. Amar enters and says Dolly and Meera are having karva chauth quick for them, they ought to regard their endeavors. Meera says even Tulika is fasting for Prince even before marriage, Dolly is karma to have such a decent bahu. Cart stands confounded. Meera inquires as to whether she would rather not as she needs to quick work night. Tulika figures this evening she will forfeit Meera.

Vivan strolls down steps when Tulika intentionally drops water glass on him. Vivan gets harmed. Tulika blends her blood in Vivan’s and thinks will move like a manikin on her tune. Meera gets stressed for Vivan and takes him to space to nurture his physical issue. He says papaji was telling about quick. Meera says it is ladies’ day and requests that he proceed to be with papaji till night. Vivan leaves.

Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 5th July 2022: Meera prepares investigating mirror smilingly while Tulika wearing cover shows up as dayan and gets into Meera’s body. Vivan returns. Meera gets heartfelt and baits him. Vivan apprehensively says he really wants to go to washroom and thinks ordinarily he gets heartfelt and Meera goes about as going to washroom, today it is inverse. He hurries to washroom. Tulika emerges from Meera’s body and says Meera will get close with Vivan, yet she will partake in the occasions. She gets once again into Meera’s body, takes out god’s memento and discards it. Vivan brings back. Meera gets heartfelt once more. Investigator calls Vivan and requests to come to police headquarters at this moment. Vivan pardons Meera and leaves. He arrives at police headquarters where assessor says he discovered some hint in specialist’s homicide case and it focuses at Meera. Vivan is stunned and says Meera can’t kill anybody. Reviewer says he is simply questioning Meera and it isn’t demonstrated at this point.

Bridal material on zee world Tuesday 5th July 2022: Vivan gets back and illuminates Dolly about investigator’s uncertainty. Cart gets strained. Vivan says Meera is moved by wickedness and she strolled on roof with red eyes, and so on. Cart gets more stressed and says Meera is moved by dayan. Vivan says he is certain Tulika is that dayan. Cart says even she questions Tulika. Vivan says his mom wished to send teej gift to Meera, since his mom is no more, on the off chance that Dolly can give him teej gift. Cart concurs. Vivan says he feels her as mother. Cart says even she thinks about him as child. Their holding proceeds.

Tulika beginning her dark enchantment figures she will kill Vivan this evening.

Precap: Tulik targets Vivan and thinks it is his last evening.


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