Bridal Material update On Zee World Wednesday1st Junec2022

Bridal Material update Thursday 26th May 2022
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Bridal Material update On Zee World Wednesday1st Junec2022: Saddi Kaur/SD//Meera look through something in Soni Kudi Academy and tracks down a receipt. She hands it over to Vivan and says today is his parent’s wedding commemoration and his mom Pammi Kapoor had given 1 lakh to gurdwara keep going year on her 25th wedding commemoration, this is all there is to it receipt.

She says she is going to gurdwara, if he needs to go with. He says no, she can take his vehicle. She says that is totally fine. He says it is his request. She leaves in Vivan’s vehicle thinking comes to gurdwara thinking who realizes Pammi might come here on her 26th wedding commemoration. Roma follows her.

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Vivan lays on work area when Meera tosses paper rocket on him. He inquires as to whether she came now. She says OK and inquires as to whether he recalling her to such an extent. He says he doesn’t recall her battles or nok jhok, inclining toward her, and is recollecting her delightful grin and mischievous discussions, he enjoys them to such an extent. She feels modest and runs to the side.

Bridal Material update On Zee World Wednesday1st Junec2022: He sticks her to divider and says he didn’t consider anybody like this since yesterday, he didn’t feel for anybody like this previously. She strolls to the side and inquires as to whether he recollects her to such an extent. He inquires as to why she is grinning. She says she is evil, so.

He says he is considering consuming legal documents and allow their marriage another opportunity. She inquires as to whether he cherishes her to such an extent. Vivan’s representative calls him and he understands it is his creative mind. Representative says he wants some document. Vivan thinks document is in cabinet and keys are with vehicle keys, SD took that vehicle.

SD remains in que to meet gyaniji and get some information about receipt. Mrs. Kapoor/Pammi gives cash and quietly leaves. Vivan comes to gurdwara and meets SD. SD gives him pantry and vehicle keys. Pammi sees Roma twisting close to Vivan’s vehicle and thinks what she is doing. Roma cuts vehicle brakes and thinks SD and Vivan’s vehicle both are gone. Vivan ets into vehicle and leaves. That’s what pammi sees and frenzies acknowledges Roma cut vehicle brakes. SD comes.

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Pammi argues her to save Vivan as Roma bombed his vehicle’s brakes, she recognizes her as Meera and says she generally saved Vivan and even now she ought to. Meera surges taking somebody’s bike. Roma emerges from her concealing hollering she needed to stow away in restricted space, it doesn’t matter, SD and vehicle are both gone at this point. She is stunned to see crying Pammi.

Bridal Material update On Zee World Wednesday1st Junec2022: Meeera observes Vivan’s vehicle follows it and requests that Vivan stop vehicle. Vivan attempts to apply brakes, however acknowledges they have fizzled. Meera asks god to save Vivan. She attempts to stop vehicle, however it speeds far away. She supplicates Babaji to help her save Vivan. She comes to through alternate route and tracks down pulling truck close by and mentioning its proprietor pulls truck in street. She flags Vivan to leap out of vehicle. He hops and vehicle hits truck and stops. Vivan rolls towards stone, yet SK keeps her hand and saves him. Vivan gets up and assists her with getting up. Her hairpiece tumbles off. He understands it is Meera and thinks back prior occasions where he understood it was her.

Precap: Vivan asks Meera how might anybody go to such degree to save his life. Meera says his mom saved his life all things considered.


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