Bridal Material update Sunday 25th April 2022 Zee World

Bridal material on zee world, Wednesday 22nd June 2022 update
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Bridal Material update Sunday 25th April 2022 Zee World: Meera becomes stressed over wedding costs seeing Sumer’s mother getting her precious stone wedding band. Cart cautions her not to make any issue and let her dad and her stressed over costs. Vivan sees his mother’s bangle missing and questions Meera probably taken it to finance her kabbaddi match. Plush calls Laali and illuminates her about Meera’s 8 lakhs jewel wedding band. Laali gets desirous and requests that Silky draw Vivan and persuade him to wed her. She composes notes and sticks on dividers for Vivan. Vivan peruses them to grin, espresso with her, and so on.

. Vivan exhaust figuring Meera more likely than not kept in touch with them. He sees Meera passing by and grasps her. She cautions to leave her. He inquires as to whether she went into his room at some point back. She says no. Their nok jhok begins. Plush thinks Vivan is thinking Meera composed those notes, meddles and says she composed those notes for Vivan. Vivan asks what refuse and leaves.

Vivan next sees Pavan let Bittu know that they can’t give modest ring to Sumer and needs to introduce valuable ring like his mother gifted jewel ring to Meera. Assuming Meera weds in a decent family, their different little girls will likewise be hitched in a decent family. He says he organized cash and don’t ask how. That’s what vivan sees and thinks family is so eager and they can go to any degree for cash.

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Bridal Material update Sunday 25th April 2022 Zee World: Satiny illuminates Meera that she composed notes for Vivan. Meera says Vivan is certainly not a decent kid. Laali inquires as to why she doesn’t need her sister wedded to Vivan. Meera says Vivan is exceptionally pompous and will pamper Silky’s life. Plush says Vivan is rich and loaded with mentality and she prefers him. Plush cautions Meera not to meddle.

Meera’s companion calls her and inquires as to whether she organized cash. Meera says OK. Companion says thank go, else she had arranged something, presently proceed to pay mentor soon. Meera thinks she needs to escape house some way or another soon. Vivan notification and thinks she took bangle without a doubt. Sumer calls Meera and demands her to acquaint him with Vivan. Meera says Vivan is exceptionally egotistical and he is unsuitable for kinship. Sumer says Vivan is rich and is extremely helpful, he needs to become a close acquaintence with him at any expense. He strolls in. Sleek asks where are they going. Sumer says to meet Vivan. Velvety says even will she will go along with them then.

Meera strolls first. Vivan stops her and requests to acknowledge she got it done. Meera thinks he is discussing notes and says she didn’t. He grasps her to divider. Their nok jhok proceeds. Sumer with Silky stroll in and apologizes him for last misjudging and says he came to welcome him for his and Meera’s commitment and get to know him, expanding his hand. Vivan says he will think and strolls in smoldering on the off chance that they had not come, he would have constrained Meera to acknowledge truth. Meera irately leaves. Sumer strolls behind her telling Vivan is rich and demeanor is self-evident.

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Bridal Material update Sunday 25th April 2022 Zee World: Goldsmith calls Vivan and illuminates him that somebody accompanied his mother’s bangle and he requested to return after at some point. Vivan arrives at goldsmith’s shop and watches stowing away. Pavan comes and purchases 2 lakhs worth ring. Gem specialist asks he purchased 70,000 rs ring first and presently 2 lakhs, what is the issue. Pavan says young lady’s dad must choose between limited options. Goldsmith asks where is remaining installment. Pavan says he will play gradually. Goldsmith says he will pay solely after full installment. Vivan feels frustrated about questioning Pavan. Meera strolls in straightaway and shows bangle. Vivan thinks his uncertainty was correct, she is hoodlum.

Precap: Sumer gets commitment outfit for Meera and demands to attempt. Meera gets strained seeing low neck outfit and wears it with dupatta. Sumer chastens that she is wearing outfit like shalwar kameez,
no big surprise nobody chose her till now.


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