Bridal Material update Thursday 29th April 2022 Zee World

Bridal material on zee world, Wednesday 22nd June 2022 update
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Bridal Material update Thursday 29th April 2022 Zee World: The episode begins when Vivan believes how to be companions with Meera and see all privileged insights from Meera. Vivan hears Amaya yelling in the parlor and races to see her. Meera’s mom Dolly argues Amaya to allow them to set up Meera’s commitment there. Amaya says all of you ought to book a party lobby or inn. Cart and Biji argued. Meera watches and believes assuming Amaya has become like Vivan. Vivan stops Amaya and says they family is as of now strained and expresses sorry to Dolly and Biji. Amaya discreetly grins and leaves.

Meera acknowledges it was each of the an arrangement. Vivan figures Meera will get hitched and leave, before he finds about the bangle mysterious. Vivan leaves. Amaya inquires as to whether he won’t go to the wedding? Vivan asks Amaya what she was doing and for what good reason?

Amaya tells Vivan it will be such a lot of tomfoolery and bunches of commotions. Amaya requests that Vivaan come to play Antakshari and Vivan says OK I am coming. Amaya is astonished to see Vivan consented to remain for the wedding.

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Meera’s cousin sister Silky says the losing group will treat the triumphant group. Vivan expresses No there ought to be in excess of a treat. The triumphant group will give the losing group an undertaking and they should do what they say. Satiny sings a melody and difficulties Vivan. Vivan sings a melody, called jiska mujhe intezaar hai. Meera sings a tune too. The two groups sing and move together. Everybody moves and appreciates. Vivan doesn’t sing. Meera goes. Vivan pursues her.

Sweeti shares with Meera shouldn’t something be said about that thing? She expresses day after tomorrow I will go about your responsibilities. Sit back and relax. She says bless your heart. She leaves. Vivan comes and gets out whatever would she say she was discussing? She says for what reason would it be a good idea for me to tell you? You spy on others? Go in and play or would you say you are frightened to lose? He says you are concealing something from us all. she says how could I. What’s more, who are you? stay out of other people’s affairs. He says assuming that you lose.. She says I will not lose. He says I will tell this your mother.

Vivan gives her gazes. Dadi comes too.

Bridal Material update Thursday 29th April 2022 Zee World: Vivan sings yeh jo mohabbat hai yeh unka hai kaam. Meera loses. Vivan says I will give her an undertaking. he says I told you. you need to do what I ask you to. Meera says I am not stressed. He says reconsider.

Precap-Vivan sees Meera preparing.

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