Bridal Material update Tuesday 13th April 2022 Zee World

Bridal material on zee world, Wednesday 22nd June 2022 update
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Bridal Material update Tuesday 13th April 2022 Zee World: Meera helps Aman in his shop. A client comes to purchase show piece. Meera says she can’t give that. Woman says he enjoyed it and requirements it. Meera gets determined. Woman says she is extremely resolute young lady and she will find it hard to get hitched. She requests that Aman show his little girl not to lose benefit. Meera says whoever thinks by heart doesn’t consider benefit and misfortune. Aman says whoever think by heart, nothing will happen to them and requests that woman go to next store.

Vivan addresses somebody over telephone who says it is challenging for him to break this arrangement. Vivan says he will break it at any expense.

Biji and different neighbors go to Sweety’s mom’s party. Mother flaunts that Sweety is getting hitched in a Mumbai’s business family who were their neigbhors previously. Neigbhor says for that reason she thew Hawaiian topic party and recommends Biji to sent Meera additionally to Soni Kudi Academy. Mother insults that Meera is a quite a problem, currently 17 young men dismissed her. Biji says Meera dismissed them all things being equal. Mother insults it is like grapes are sharp, however she says Meera is hypersensitive to grapes. Biji quietly takes kid’s family’s number from mother’s versatile.

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Vivan’s companions play a game of cards and he wagers over telephone while driving. Wagering goes till 125 million. Companion says Vivan is apprehensive, so he didn’t come. Vivan reaches and wins 125 million. Secretary says his arrangement was concluded for 100 million. He says he realized it wouldn’t go past that and requests to gather 100 from his failure companion. Another companion lauds his ability of winning 125 million and 100 million arrangement. Young lady says a lady is behind each man’s prosperity, who is his lady. He says he doesn’t have any, every fruitful man’s is his own help. She asks when is he wedding. He says never and leaves. He meets his sister and control center her. She says he lacks the capacity to deal with her and asks when did they talk last time, no one talks in family after daddy went to rehabilitation clinic. She demands him to take more time to India.

Bridal Material update Tuesday 13th April 2022 Zee World: Biji gets back and illuminates Dolly that she tracked down another collusion of Sumer Kapoor, their old neighbors. Dollly asks how could she get their number. Biji says she took it from Sweety’s mom’s telephone and she realizes Meera is ideal counterpart for Sumer and not Sweety. She then illuminates Meera. Once more, meera asks. Daadi says this time her cherished companion Sumer used to play kabbadi with her. Sumer calls daadi and says mother requested to call her. Biji enthusiastically illuminates family. Sumer inquires as to whether he can address Meera. Biji gives telephone to Meera. Sumer says he is coming to Chandigarh tomorrow, in the event that she can pick him from air terminal, he would rather not be formal and need to nonchalantly visit with her. Meera illuminates family. Daadi energetically requests that she concur. Aman says how could Meera go alone and orders his child Sumer to go with Meera to air terminal.

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Bridal Material update Tuesday 13th April 2022 Zee World: Vivan thinks he needs to take his sister Maya to India and get out her fixation for India. Meera on the opposite side contemplates Sumer anxiously. Her sisters insult her. Next morning, Meera arrives at air terminal with Prince who goes to have snacks. Meera anxiously drones kabbaddi and requests that taxi driver proceed to stand holding Mr. Kapoor’s board. Vivan with Maya additionally emerges from air terminal and gets going over telephone. Maya sees Mr. Kapoor’s board and strolls with Meera’s taxi driver. Vivan strolls and conflicts with Meera. Meera thinks him as Sumer Kapoor.

Sumer sits in Maya’s vehicle and Vivan sits in Meera’s vehicle. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer and asks him not to pitch fits. vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor. Meera is stunned.


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