Bridal Material update Tuesday 17th May 2022

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Bridal Material update Tuesday 17th May 2022: Meera visits with Amaya and asks how could her be unborn kid Molu’s auntie. Amaya says she is fine. Meera says Vivan is dealing with her so indeed, so even she needs to follow spouse’s obligation and serve Vivan a heartfelt supper so he shouldn’t go out. Amaya says she will organize a champge supper in garden for them this evening and leaves.

Biji slaps Laali and chides what she is doing. Laali says she knows what she is doing, she has gone old and her slap isn’t strong. She says she abandoned her for Meera, so she additionally repudiated her mom. Presently, she will ensure Vivan and Meera’s youngster don’t see the world and they isolated.

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Amaya organizes a heartfelt supper for Meera and Vivan and takes entire family out. Meera lets Vivan know that she has an extraordinary supper for himself and takes him to cultivate. Vivan is shocked seeing heartfelt supper game plan. Meera says she purchased champagne for himself and not mango juice. He heads towards seat. She pulls it to make him sit, however he falls and inquires as to whether she was pulling seat for him. She says OK and give him drinks menu and requests to pick his beverage. He sits amazed. Laali and Roma stand stowing away and feel envious seeing their sentiment. She serves him principal course and says Biji told Vivan needs quality food, taste and tell the way things are, in the event that it isn’t great, she will quit prattling for a feeble. Vivan says not a terrible arrangement and tastes food. He stops. She asks how is it. He drops food on his clothess. She says she will clean. Vivan says he will clean himself and goes to washroom.

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Bridal Material update Tuesday 17th May 2022: Roma requests that Laali proceed to lock Vivan’s washroom entryway. Laali does. Roma takes out blue fluid jug. Laali asks what is it. Roma says perilous synthetic and with its smoke, Meera will suffocate and pass on. She drops substance on floor and sets fire. Meera begins suffocating and calls Vivan. Roma and Laali partake in the scene. Vivan sees entryway locked and breaks it indignantly. He leaves and is stunned seeing Meera among fire and saves her out. Roma leaves with Laali seething that they are indivisible. Vivan breakdowns. Meera gets stressed and shakes him to awaken. She says she isn’t pregnant and was acting to save his life. She takes him to room and rubs his hands.

Bridal Material update Tuesday 17th May 2022: Amaya gets back with family and thinks she took family out to let bhai and bhabhi hang out, however Vivan’s life is in danger. Biji says great they came to ahead of schedule, else Vivan was in much peril. Meera keeps dealing with Vivan and cries for what reason did he come to save her, she isn’t pregant and there is no chunnu munni. Roma with Laali hears her and thinks what she is mumbling, Chunnu munnu, she can’t hear that. Laali says lady tends to her significant other as Jaanu, yet she is mumbling Chunnu Munnu.. Roma says she needs Meera in a difficult situation soon. Laali says Meera will be out tomorrow. Meera proceeds with her concern for Vivan.

Precap: Meera composes over and again on paper to save Vivan. Vivan awakens and inquires as to whether she is fine, in the event that youngster is fine. She cries uproariously.



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