Broken Heart December 2021 Teasers Starlife Updated

Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021
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Broken Heart December 2021 Teasers Starlife Updated


Monday, November 1, 2021

Episode 25.

Anant and Ahana were married in a small ceremony just the family, followed by a big reception.

Broken Heart December 2021 TeasersEpisode 26.

Mahendra embarrassing Ahana and said that he was married to his property. How will react to this?

Tuesday November 2 2021

Episode 27.

Tarun show saloni prenuptial agreement and apologized to anant for Mahendra behavior. Families do anant and post-wedding rituals Ahana.

Episode 28.

Reema catch Rehan staring Ahana when Mathurs take a family photo. Rehan told Anant that he doubted the intentions Ahana. How will you react?

Wednesday November 3 2021

Episode 29.

Roshni is not happy because Ahana suggest some changes in the kitchen. Kavita Karan accused of stealing earrings Laila. How Roshni will react?

Episode 30.

Ahana learned that Kavita stole earrings Laila, while Mahendra reveal secrets about ahana for Rehan.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 31.

Tarun humiliated by Mahendra. Laila menghasutnya to face Mahendra his claim on the property.

Episode 32.

Rehan told Anant that Ahana marry just to get hers. Ahana reveal extraordinary hatred towards Rehan.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Episode 33.

Anant stood at Ahana and face Rehan for his behavior. Rehan decide to leave the house.

Episode 34.

Roshni and Aarav seek help in bringing home Rehan Ahana back. Again, the intention Ahana Roshni misunderstanding!

Saturday November 6 2021

Episode 35.

Rehan find the person who destroyed Anant wedding and decided to take revenge. Who is the target?

Episode 36.

Ahana blamed for his honeymoon trip and Anant coincide with the anniversary of Roshni. Rehan met with Shelly to know about the intentions Ahana.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Episode 37.

Anant and Ahana reach Maldives and spend some romantic time together. A fortune teller to predict the future Ahana, leaving worried.

Episode 38.

Rehan vowed to expose Ahana while Roshni met a man who was not known. Later in the evening, get into the mood Ahana tempting to Anant!

Monday, November 8, 2021

Episode 39.

Laila landed in the Maldives and Pokes fun at Ahana! Then, surprisingly Anant Ahana with a romantic dinner and send them to Roshni selfie. Meanwhile, Laila and Saloni go to Anant where Roshni insult them.

Episode 40.

Anant and Ahana planning a surprise for Roshni. Meanwhile, Roshni struggled to hide his girlfriend in his room.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 41.

Anant and Ahana Roshni surprise on her birthday. Then, Shivaay and Anika congratulate Anant and Ahana at their wedding.

Episode 42.

Ahana and Rehan was left heartbroken after Laila incite them against each other.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Episode 43.

Roshni excited ahana like to thank him for changing the mind Anant. Rehan explained Anant Ahana ahead. Will Anant trust him?

Episode 44.

Rehan got the vision Ahana talk to him, while Roshni continues to rage with Ahana. Rehan help Roshni in keeping secrets from Anant!

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 45.

Yamini learn about Roshni and Rehan night. Anant confused after listening to a voice recording Shelly.

Episode 46.

Anant leaving home. Laila face Rehan and tried to incite Ahana against Rehan.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Episode 47.

Ahana receive motive behind Marrying Anant. Later, Rehan and Ahana had a fierce argument.

Episode 48.

Anant continue to ignore calls Reema Ahana and seek advice on the problem.

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