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Broken Hearts Monday 29th November 2021 :The episode starts with Laila getting a hearing. Pelan said safely, you have become a grandmother, Saloni conveyed a baby boy. Laila said I was very happy, congratulations for you too. The hearing said soon, Saloni asked about you, I would send a car. Laila said it’s not now, I’ll come later. Rehan thought what happened to Laila. Roshni saw Laila hid the letter. Yamini smiled holding a pendant and cooked food. Roshni asks is something special.

Yamini said I made Fav Anant food. Roshni said to thank him for this pendant. Yamini said yes, he was very kind, he thought of everyone, my job to think for him, I thought of making his fav dish, I was sure he would like this. Roshni said my maurus was the best, you took care of us all. Yamini says how much you will poll me.

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Roshni.Say I will also taste it. Yamini said it was finished. Roshni thought about seeing the hearing how I taught you a lesson. Holiness and Peatha are on their way. He said it was a huge day, we haven’t done anything, you have become maasi, we have to celebrate it. He said sure. He stopped the car and said we would find candy here, I used to come here after college to have icecreams. He said nothing here, come on. He said I would do something, wait a minute. He got Cola and said we would celebrate with this, no glass. He asked now? He said this is the best way to drink. They drink with a bottle cap. He laughed.

They sit on the car. He just asked for a glass. He said yes, sorry, had a bottle. They smile. He said several stars would violate and there were still many shining stars, many lives ended and began in this Nakshatra, such as Arjun’s life began today. He asked about his name. He said his choice of Saloni. He said we also like it.
He drinks. He said you spilled it, cleaned his face. He thought about it. Ae dil na kar …plays … he said we would go home. He held his hand.

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He said we go home every day, if we celebrate today, we will still return for some time more. He nodded. He said let’s talk to these stars, let’s share our happiness with them, let’s celebrate, not just for Arjun, every happiness we … He said let’s celebrate life, a few days ago, I want to die, But now I want to live, I want to laugh for no reason, I want to see Arjun grow up, so many things have changed in the past few days, I did not say thank you, thank you Dehaan. He said something for you, anytime. Dil ko bhi udne to liye …plays ….

Broken Hearts Monday 29th November 2021 :Laila reads Vyoma’s letter … Vyoma wrote …. Regaju and Peatha getting closer, the hearing happily made it a part of his life, they violated your beliefs, this would only defame you, I wanted to save you from defamation , just fine. Laila saw the heart and hearing home. He tore the letter. He wrote …Mr. Anant Mathur, my name is Vyoma, my girlfriend M Regean, I still don’t believe he left me, we both did some mistakes, I wanted to fix my mistakes and improve this relationship, you are the only convincing relationship. He married me, Regaan and I will remain happy together, help me save this relationship, thank you … Vyoma … Laila smiles and thinks Again will not reject Anant, Vyoma will get Regaju, Anant and Anant Relations will be good okay, Anant will help me start a better life, I can’t lose any cost.

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Broken Hearts Monday 29th November 2021 :Pelan shows a baby photo. He said Saloni and Tarun named Arjun. Laila said you killed your own children, just happy to see other people’s children. Pelahan asks why you hurt me like this. Laila asks why you did this, I saw it, you tried to ruin your marriage, Reha

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