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Broken Hearts Saturday 27th November 2021:The episode starts with KT holds preeti and say okay, Kiss is a private moment, no one was here, now I’m going to kiss you, you’re not going to stop me, I will do a wife’s duty. Preeti cried and pushed. He said you really relation becomes stronger when the two bodies meet, why did you become a person who does not, talk to me, tell me, if you can respect yourself, answer me, then I will not stop you, then I will not stop you. He asked her to do anything, he just wants the right husband. He asked her to come. KT went up to him. He became strained. He covered it with Pallu Saree. Ik tara … play … He said sorry. She fell on the bed. She cared for him and put him to sleep. She thinks a lot of kindness, but hatred Nandini make you like it, I promise you will get a KT SKIN.

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Broken Hearts Saturday 27th November 2021:Early in the morning, wake KT. Preeti got apple juice and ginger. He remembers everything. He apologized to her. She packed a bag. He says do not leave please, do not go, I’m sorry. He says Arjun and you will go to Mount Abu to spend time and know each other. He says you have to think well. He asked her to convince Arjun, take her out to lunch, you told him that you wanted to live with her time, Arjun will understand. He thanked him.

She said sorry, I’ll never repeat my mistakes, I realized I made a mistake, please forgive me. Neelima come and ask preeti to come with him, they would drink tea. Preeti went with him. Neelima asked him to sit down.

He said that something happens every day that KT shame, the world knows now that you and KT have the relationship of husband and wife, why did you marry KT, you do not fit into his life and our family, what are you doing here, when KT and Nandini collectively Similarly, we only have happiness in this house, you come two weeks back, I have seen the same KT destroy, happiness does not exist in his face, he did many things for you, not your job. To give happiness, I want to see him happy, return of happiness in his life. He goes. Preeti think.

Neil came to meet Priyanka. He says I can not teach you right now, I’m not comfortable with the thought Neelima, I do not want anyone to insult Kusum and Preeti. He said not serious words. He said we have self-esteem, we can not tolerate anyone insulting, the better we end it here. Neil asked him to listen. KT asks Arjun to come, they will visit a new cafe. Arjun says a great idea. He got a phone call Nandini. He asks if you’re okay, I’ll come.

He said I should go, she took the car that you give me, the accident happened, he quarreled with the biker. Preeti said we would go there. KT and Preeti leave. Nandini pay for men and ask them to start drama. He was behaving badly with her. He said I would pay for the damages it, I’ll give you money, leaving my hand. KT and preeti come and see. KT beat him. The men were caught. He was asked who he was, why you care. KT said he meant everything to me. Nandini smiled.

Broken Hearts Saturday 27th November 2021:KT bashes men. fled. Nandini calm him. KT see preeti and go. Nandini said that you have seen my place in life, I will be back in her life.

Nandini said I should make preeti of KT’s life, then I can approach KT. He saw preeti and act to cry. She asks if he loves Nandini KT. KT said I just love Nandini. Preeti says KT love you, you have got a chance. Nandini asks if you would go out of his life. Preeti says yes.


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