Broken Hearts Starlife Full Story, Summary, Cast & Teasers

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Broken Hearts Starlife Full Story.


Raichand (Smriti Kalrai), a young woman, is always loved by her father. His mother, Laila Raichand (Niki Anyeja Walia), is a cunning woman, ambitious, greedy that cheats her husband.Radan’s father died because he was taking his wife’s betrayal too hard. Pelan witnessed their argument with this developing intense hatred for his mother. ASHAN, frustrated in his life at home after his father’s death, found comfort at Anant Mathur (Sanjay Kapoor), a friend of his father’s widow.

Meanwhile Saloni Raichand (Cheshhtha Bhagat), People’s sister, will marry Sweetheart, Tarun Gupta (Puneet Sharma).

Tarun’s father, Mahendra Gupta (Indraneel Bhattacharya), was not interested in letting them get married because he knew the trend of Laila’s gold extraction. He wants Saloni to sign the prenup. When Laila knew that she was angry and wanted to cancel the wedding. The plot twist comes in the form of a saloni pregnancy. Laila agreed to a marriage on condition that Tarun provides 3 crore rupees to him.

Broken Hearts Starlife Full Story,

Broken Hearts Starlife Full Story,

Tarun and Saloni are married. Meanwhile, Laila made her eyes marry Anant because he was a rich businessman to pay off his debt and improve his social status. But Anant proposed to Peels and they decided to get married. Regaju Khanna (Aashim Gulati), Anant’s son, convinced Roshni, Putri Anant, to give his blessings.Anant went to Laila to ask for a hearing in a marriage to him. Laila was very angry. He approved the marriage and put forward a condition for Anant. When stories continue to face and face a lot of obstacles in their marriage because of the difference between age, society, competition and family.

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The king began to fall in love with the hearing, while simultaneously learned that he was married to Anant just to oppose and insult his mother to take revenge. When he loved Anant who was like his father-father, he did not want to see him cheating and told Anant that the hearing did not really love him, did not realize that the hearing really loved Anant and revenge on his mother’s bonus. . In revealing his intention was supposed to be, it was not taken well by Anant at first, who led the Reta to leave home. Then asked to answer, the hearing revealed the initial reason behind the marriage before Anant who destroyed it. Misunderstanding brewing. Immediately after, people were pregnant. Happy, he tried to reveal this on Anant. In a series of misunderstandings and distances that grow among them, he was forced to make a decision to combine his unborn child.Laila was allowed to break by Mahendra, he had an accident. Rohaan realized his mistake. After knowing a little abortion, Anand hated Angan again. The helm of asking for the forgiveness of the hearing. He forgiven him immediately after that and was treated by him. He supports it through difficult times and they go for Goa’s trip. Raja and Peatha grow closer during the trip. Meanwhile, Anante realized his mistake and wanted to give a second chance for their marriage.


Sanjay Kapoor as Anant Mathur – husband’s husband and father’s friend. He loved the hearing but a misunderstanding of damaging their relationship.

Smriti Kalara as Raichand / Anant Anant Mathur – Young Princess Laila Raichand and the second wife Anant.Aashim Gulati as regaju khanna – Anant’s son’s son. He is a former Saloni boyfriend and loves Peeling.

Niki Anyeja Walia as Ms. Laila Raichand – Saloni and Peanah. He is a greedy woman who cheats her husband and previously wants to marry Anant.

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