Broken Hearts Sunday 28th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021
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Broken Hearts Sunday 28th November 2021:The episode begins with Nandini who said I would be with KT. Preeti be sad. KT looked at him. They go home. Arjun asked Nandini are you okay. Nandini said yes, thank god father arrived on time and saved me. Arjun thanks KT. He said you always handle things alone, I want you and Mom to get together. Neelima says is the closest blood ties. KT out and sad. Preeti came to him and do help. She cared for him. Adhuri Hamari Kahani … .plays …. He asks who Nandini you. He said quite helpful now. He asked her again. She said you are my wife, I do not need to talk anymore, I do not care. He says I care about how you feel, I want to know, can we talk with lava, do not run.

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He said when people need to lie, it means that the truth should not come go out. He said but you hate lies, where you will find peace with lying, whether you love Nandini. He asks what you say. He asked her to swear at him and say, if she loves Nandini even today. He says I do not know the truth myself, I most loved, maybe I can not love someone else, this is my truth. He was surprised. He goes. He cries. Thodi Jagah Dede Mujhe … .plays … He thought of KT. Neil calling Priyanka. He hung up. He asked me why I feel uneasy when he does not speak with me.

Broken Hearts Sunday 28th November 2021:Preeti said I had lost Kusum, KT love Nandini, not me. Kusum said that this could not happen, he can not love Naagin it, he’s not a good man. Preeti says KT feel inclined towards him, she loved him, I come among them. Kusum says do not sacrifice your relationship, Nandini not return to love or husband, but for something else. KT went to Nandini. He said too much drama now, I am sick, my wife was in trouble, you better leave my house, I brought you here with the words of Arjun, just go. He dragged her out. Everyone saw. Preeti said I’ll talk later. He ended the call and stop KT. He says Arjun will see and feel bad. KT said I’ll handle it, I was silent for Arjun. Nandini think it is the right opportunity. He slipped down the stairs. He fainted.

Broken Hearts Sunday 28th November 2021:Arjun come and worry for him. He was hospitalized. Arjun call the police back home. Nandini said preeti wanted to kill me, he was pushing me down, saw I was hurt and arrested. Arjun says yes, preeti jealous because KT will come back to us. Preeti think Nandini lie, I must remain silent, otherwise she would blame KT. KT said that it was a lie. Nandini said catch. Preeti arrested. Shivraj ask Neil to call the Commissioner. Inspectors say we have to do our job. KT stop. He said leave my wife, it was not his fault, Nandini fall because of me. Neelima asks what. She said yes, I had been pushing Nandini. Preeti says no, he did not do anything, I did it. KT said I do, arrest me. Nandini think they are ready to go to jail to save each other. KT said I was holding the hands of Nandini, arrest. Nandini think I made a mistake by calling the police. Nandini stop them.

Nandini said I should make preeti of life KT. He did drama when he saw preeti. Preeti said I would go from KT life.



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