Broken Hearts Tuesday 30th November 2021

Insolent Heart Saturday 11th December 2021
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Broken Hearts Tuesday 30th November 2021:The episode began with Nandini who said I slipped because of mistakes and fell, we had a fight and I said all that. Inspector scolded him for wasting their time and gone. Shivaj says you have to be shy, KT will go to prison. Nandini said how he could go to prison, hurt him means hurting himself. Preeti thinks Nandini saves KT from going to prison by telling the truth. He remembers Kusum’s words. Arjun said you took a big risk. Nandini said I had to take the risk of taking Preeti out of my path, but your father came in between. Preeti thinks whether Nandini really loves KT.

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Nandini saw Preeti in the mirror and did a drama. He slapped Arjun and asked why you did not stop me doing the wrong thing, when I called the police, I could not forgive myself if KT went to prison, I just wanted me

Back family. He showed Preeti to Arjun. Nandini said I made a big mistake to choose the wrong way, I hope I have the courage to meet him and apologize, you know I really love him, I understand, I don’t want you to make a mistake, he won’t forgive me, his wounds are very In, he has spent 17 years in my memory, he really loves me, we have to go back to Singapore.

Broken Hearts Tuesday 30th November 2021:Arjun said no, I dreamed of having a family, KT didn’t like Preeti, he loved you. Nandini said your dream would not be fulfilled, we will go to Singapore. Preeti thinks Nandini repents for his mistake, he won’t cheat him anymore. Nandini and Arjun cry. Preeti goes and thinks of KT words. He thinks maybe KT and Nandini are made for each other. Paas Aaye …plays … he cries.

He came to KT. He asked what happened. He asked the wound did not recover. He did help. He thought I got the right ointment for your wound. He asked if you were fine. He said yes. He said I knew that day it was difficult for us. He rested. He said you look very handsome today. He said what it was, you praise me today. He cries. He called Nandini.

He said you and KT had to unite. Nandini asks if you will go from his life forever. Preeti said yes, but not so fast, KT was broken, I could not leave it in this state, when he felt love again to you and accept you, then I will leave this house and his life, this is my promise. He goes. Nandini smiles.

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Broken Hearts Tuesday 30th November 2021:KT rested on Neelima’s lap and talked to him. He said I would never be able to make my relationship strong with Arjun, my son went for 17 years, now he is here, even I feel helpless, it’s wrong. Preeti went to Arjun and asked him to listen to him for the sake of KT. Arjun came to KT and apologized. He said forgive me for calling the police. He hugged KT. I said I would never be annoyed with you. Neelima smiled and told and my KT, both were the best. Preeti thinks you lose 17 years of age of your son, I will not let you lose something now, you must accept Nandini and finish the family.

Preeti asked KT and Nandini to go to the Arjun college entrance ticket. Rati said maybe Preeti fooled you. KT said you know I will never be able to destroy my promise. Preeti said KT agreed to join you, Nandini. Nandini thinks if this principal sees me, it will be a problem.



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