Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022 update

Can You See Me On Zee World Teasers - March 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022 update: Suchi meets Mansi’s primary care physician Dr. Malhotra who shows her Mansi’s clinical record and examines about her state of mind. Suchi says thanks to him and leaves. She then, at that point, asks Gopal that he knows it all and should show her a way. Nurture illuminates that Vinayak is out of unconsciousness. Such races to Vinayak’s room. Vinayak says his awful deeds brought him into trance state, he sees that child/Pihu in dreams generally and if feeling very responsibility. He says Aarav is blameless and Mansi employed him to cut chamber pipe. He says he will give explanation to police that Aarav is attempting to safeguard his sister.

Mansi slaps Subodh and says how might she sell out her. Subodh cries that he didn’t have the foggiest idea about Mansi’s fixation will develop so a lot, she is the person who killed our Pihu. He rehashes that Mansi killed Pihu. Anandita furiously picks blade and leaves considering killing Mansi.

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Pihu sees Gulgule demanding Suman to tell apparition stories till he rests and expectations her grandap’s phantom returns and takes care of his responsibilities. Suman chastens him not to call phantom as it is awful for the individual who sees apparition. She thinks she is apparition/bhoot, so on the off chance that she meets mamma, will it be terrible for mamma. Aarav comes to Suchi’s home and feels remorseful that as a result of him and Subodh child Pihu was killed. Pihu stands and quietly pays attention to him.

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022 update: Aarav apologizes Pihu to excuse him and keeps rose before her feet. Suman sees him and welcomes to come, says Such will invest in some opportunity to call, when are they wedding, Aarav leaves. Pihu asks Gopal for what reason khadoos gave her rose. Gopal says so she doesn’t get tragic. Suman says Aarav left his telephone here. Pihu tells Gopal let us proceed to return Khadoos’ portable. Gopal says they can’t go out today.

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Mansi gets a fit of anxiety when she really does no get her medication. Aarav and Babli attempt to control her. Aarav says her medication has gotten done, he will get it. He understands he went out. At Suchi’s home, Gulgule picks Aarav’s telephone before Pihu picks it and plays game. Pihu yells to give it back, pushes him and leaves with telephone. He is confounded who pushed him and took portable.

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022 update:  Pihu takes versatile to Gopal and says let us proceed to return it to khadoos. Gopal requests that she keep it telephone back from where she took and says they can’t go out as today it will rain a great deal. He says he won’t address her in the event that she demands. Pihu says she won’t address him and leaves. Gopal thinks most awful will happen to this kid, trust he can change this youngster’s predetermination, yet he can’t.

Precap: Anandita messes up Mansi and inquires as to for what reason did she kill Pihu. Pihu and Babli thump entryway. Aarav comes to with police and they see Mansi cutting Anandita.


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