Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022: Suchi goes to Aarav’s office and shows him Pihu’s homicide record on projector and inquires as to for what reason did he kill Pihu, she even met Vinayak who acknowledged his wrongdoing and concurred that he cut Pihu’s kitchen gas pipe on his request. Aarav concurs that he requested Vinayak, yet he needed to kill Subodh and his better half and their little girl kicked the bucket all things being equal. Suchi slaps and beats Aarav more than once and yells how dare he is to kill her Suchi.

Anandita arrives at Rakhi’s home and checks Subdoh’s call subtleties. She figures out different discussions among Subodh and Aarav. Subodh rings entryway ringer. Anandita stows away. Rakhi opens entryway. Subodh asks where is Anandita. Rakhi says she isn’t here and assuming that she knows where she will be, she won’t say. Subodh says Anandita is fouling up by questioning her better half and examining against him.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022: Suchi keeps beating and mishandling Aarav and yells how might he kill such a little child, howmuch torment her Pihu probably felt. Aarav asks how is Pihu connected with her. Suchi says it is a relationship of heart and keeps thumping Aarav. Arav says he didn’t realize that child came and kicked the bucket. Suchi says regardless of whether he had killed Pihu’s folks, Pihu would have kicked the bucket without her folks. She reviles Arav that he won’t ever be in harmony and will bite the dust every day without affection. Aarav argues to stop. Suchi keeps yelling and falls. Aarav surges her to emergency clinic in his vehicle.

Pihu becomes stressed for Suchi when she doesn’t reach till night. Gopal attempts to reassure her. She faults Gopal and says he will be rebuffed soon. She then, at that point, runs on street looking through Suchi and asks individuals, however it’s not possible for anyone to hear her.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 25th March 2022: Aarav surges Suchi to medical clinic. Doc says she isn’t answering admirably to treatment and asks how could she implodes. Aarav says he is justification for her condition and supplicates god to fix Suchi soon. They then, at that point, rush her in rescue vehicle. Pihu calls Aarav from landline and says she is Suchi’s Pihu. Aarav says he can’t hear. Doc considers Aarav and says Suchi’s condition is deteriorating. Aarav surges towards rescue vehicle.

Precap: Aandita says she is correct about Subdoh and Mansi. Aarav meets a tied insane lady and calls her Mansi.


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