Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 29th April 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 29th April 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 29th April 2022: Anandita brings laddoos for Pihu and spoils her. O meri maa… tune.. plays behind the scenes… Pihu nods off. Shona awakens Pihu toward the beginning of the day calling her chuiya and takes her woodwind. Pihu grabs it back and says it is Gopal’s gift, thinking back Gopal giving it with 3 wishes. Shona hollers her frantic mamma constrained her to wear pink gown. Shona says mamma got it for her. Shona says she will appreciate what Pihu is qualified for and will ruin her party today, she can pause and watch.

Anandita strolls in and says this evening she has organized Pihu’s birthday celebration and has called every one of her companions. Pihu gets blissful hearing that. Shona shouts her companions are babu bhai, aslam bhai..etc.. Anandita asks who are they. Pihu says thugs. Shona says she won’t commend her birthday without her companions and says party subject will be bollywood and she wants presents for her companions. Anandita concurs and strolls. Shona pushes her and requests that Pihu lift her frantic mother.

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Damroo orders Bobby and Mohini to complete family work appropriately as this evening is Pihu’s birthday celebration. Mohini shouts at him and says don’t have the foggiest idea why Vikram rebuffs them with family tasks. Bobby says he completed the process of cleaning and presently it is Mohini’s chance to wipe floor, assuming that she is fine at this point. Mohini inquires as to whether he is questioning him and genuinely extorts him. He gives brush and leaves. Mohini pay-offs Neelam and finishes work. They all conclude which bollywood entertainer’s personality they will play.

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Vikram drops Shona in her old region with gifts and leaves. Shona meets her companions and they all dance. She then conveys them gifts, says this is all her clone Pihu’s, she is welcoming them for this evening’s party, they can take anything they desire as they are exceptionally rich and idiot. Another kid quietly hears their discussion standing close by and thinks even he will go to party. Shona figures she will show Pihu something new in her own birthday so Pihu doesn’t meddle once more.

Precap: Mohini blends black powder in light and lets Bobby know that Anandita will panci when flame explodes, then, at that point, they will get back this house. Shona lights light and it impacts. Pihu yells Shonaa… mammaa..


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