Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022: Daadi illuminates Vikram that she has fixed his and Mohini’s collusion. Vikram says he disagrees. Daadi yells she is as yet senior of this house and her choices is conclusive. She then shouts at Anandita that she is disturbed hearing that and affirms that she killed Subodh and inquires as to whether she shot him or recruited somebody. Vikram argues her to stop, else Anandita’s condition will decline. Daadi keeps asserting Anandita.

Anandita gets fit of anxiety and breaks things yelling she sat idle. Pihu gets stressed. Vikram asks Daadi for what reason she is deliberately inciting Anandita. Daadi yells she won’t acknowledge Anandita as her bahu. Mohini and Bobby sneer at one another. Pihu proceeds to argue Shona to descend as she mamma got fit of anxiety and will quiet down seeing her. Pompous Shona getting a charge out of chips and playing videogame yells that her mom is crazy and shouts to get out. Pihu goes down weakly.

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Anandita keeps overreacting while Sooraj attempts to hold her. Mohini signals Daadi. Daadi intentionally goes close to Anandita who cuts her hand with blade. Daadi begins dramatization that Anandita needs to kill her. Vikram surges and gives infusion. Anandita breakdowns. Vikram asks Daadi for what valid reason did she incite Anandita, she is deranged. Daadi yells to send her to mental clinic then. Vikram says he can’t leave Anandita and on the off chance that she can take off from this house. Daadi proceeds with her theatrics.

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022:Mohini goes aside and calls mental medical clinic to come and get Anandita. She sees her recorded video and figures Anandita will be removed from her own home, then, at that point, she will wed Vikram and rule over this house. She goes to Daadi and indoctrinates her that Anandita has done dark sorcery on Vikram. Daadi says she questioned it from previously and cries how might she save her child Vikram. Mohini says she knows a dark entertainer tantrik who can help them.

Sona sees every one of the occurrences on mystical water and says thanks to it. She hears tantrik looking through her and runs, however slips. Gopal holds her and says from hereon, he can’t help her.

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Vikram presses Daadi’s legs and inquires as to for what reason is she getting caught in tantrik’s snare. Daadi says she is sick as a result of chudail Anandita. Vikram cautions to quit asserting Anandita and leaves. Mohini enters. Daadi expresses gratitude toward her for help and says soon Anandita will be out and Mohini will be a major part of Vikram’s life.

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022: Pihu asks Gopal for what reason mightn’t he at any point help her. He says he is proceed to can direct her, yet can’t help generally. She asks from when he became god, he is her companion and ought to help her. Gopal grins. He goes to Tantrik and cautions him to save youngster as she is extremely guiltless soul. Tantrik inquires as to for what reason is he meddling and allowed kid to battle alone. Gopal says he will not if tantrik doesn’t deceive. Tantrik concurs. Gopal cautions there is no contrast among him and his guiltless followers and if tantrik attempts to hurt blameless soul, he will atone.

Precap: Tantrik controls Shona and torments Pihu.


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