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Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022: Anandita indignantly raises blade to cut Vikram when Daadi stops her and hauls her out. She yells what’s happening with she. Anandita says Vikram hijacked Subodh and killed hm. Daadi acts and says she is lying. Anandita says she is telling truth and saw Subodh’s blood smudged garments in store room. Daadi says she realized this would occur. Anandita requests to talk. Daadi says Vikram is an awful man and needed to grab Subodh’s abundance from previously; when Subodh needed to wed Anandita, Vikram cautioned Subodh to ease off, however Subodh didn’t. Seeing both siblings battle, she sent Vikram away from this house.

Vikram required cash and returned during Pihu’s birthday and requested cash from Subodh, yet Subodh didn’t and threw him out. A couple of days after the fact, Subodh disappeared and presently she is hearing his homicide news. Anandita inquires as to for what reason didn’t she let her kill Vikram. Daadi says she ought to consider Pihu’s future. Anandita drops blade. Vikram opens entryway and says he knows everything now. Daaadi anxiously asks what? Vikram says in the event that Anandita isn’t in her room, she will be found here, last time he looked through entire house aside from daadi’s room.

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Avanti recollects Pihu/Shon and thinks why she is recalling her to such an extent. Gopal plays woodwind and does leela. Shona’s experience growing up scarf falls on her. She takes a gander at it and thinks why she is recalling her little girl to such an extent.

Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022: Pihu sees Anandita crying holding Subodh’s pic and goes to Shona to look for help. Shona as expected pompously dismisses her request. Pihu argues. Shona says she could never help her, however would help a mother aand asks whatg she ought to do. Pihu requests that she sing. Shona says never. Pihu asks to simply imitate her. Pihu sings O Meri maaaa… tune… Shona impersonates and spoils crying Anandita. Anandita rests o=n her lap.

Next morning, Anandita goes down to living rroom. Daadi requests that she proceed to demand Vikram to wed Mohini. Anandita asks how could it be connected with her vengeance from Subodh. Daadi says Mohini is pregnant and in the event that Vikram doesn’t wed Mohini, she knows what society will talk about them, Anandita is helping Mohini from embarrassment all things considered. Avanti strolls in and contacts Daadi’s feet. Anandita asks who is she. Daadi says she is Avanti Sehgal who is assisting Pihu in her cause with working. Avni lets Anandita know that her little girl is so lovable, where is she. Daadi says she is in her room. Avanti leaves with Anandita.

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Daadi tells Vikram that Anandita is recklessly determined adapted to see Vikram and Mohini’s marriage. Vikram asks how might it be, he won’t ever wed Mohini. Daadi says he needs to wed Mohini deceptively seeing Anandita’s condition, else Anandita’s condition will decline. Vikram leaves. Mohini asks Daadi she vowed to truly get her hitched to Vikram. Daadi says she will and requests to stand by and watch her theatrics.

Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022: Shona is still sleeping. Pihu attempts to awaken her. Avanti enters. Pihu says Shona’s mom came. Shonaa opens eyes and sees Avanti standing and yells for what reason did she come. Avanti says she came to begin a new and in tapori language aasks if she has any desire to be her companion. Shona asks Pihu what she implies. Pihu says fellowship and requests to say OK. Shona stands quietly. Avani gives her gift and leaves, stowing away. Shona actually looks at gift and gets excitged seeing scarf. Avanti strolls back and inquires as to whether she loved it? Shona brings gift back. Avanti gets miserable. Shona holds hand tolerating her companionship. Avanti gets blissful.

Precap: No precap. Jeet Gaye To Piya Morey sequential’s new time allotment at 6:30 pm instead of bhootu is shown.


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