Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 18th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 18th April 2022: Pihu joyfully embraces Anandita and asks where she had been. Anandita (insane) generally whisks her and asks where did she go. Pihu gets apprehensive. Nurture tells guardians Neelam and Rahul that Anandita is seriously insane and they need to deal with her. Neelam says they were told to deal with just this house, for what reason don’t Anandita be sent back to mental shelter. Nurture says specialists don’t release such patients, however somebody doesn’t believe that Anandita should remain there. Suraj says Neelam would she be able to see Anandita is separated from everyone else and deranged and needs their assistance. Dubious man is shown who gets a call from specialist who says his work is finished.

Pihu asks Gopal what has been going on with her mamma. Gopal says now she needs to deal with her mamma like mamma used to deal with her previously. Anandita panics that this isn’t her home. Pihu says this is her home and shows her bed. Anandita thinks back let Pihu know that this bed was gifted by her dad during wedding. Pihu then, at that point, shows her bangles and different things Anandita checks and joyfully says these are altogether hers. Gopal acclaims Pihu that she gave her mamma well and is an ideal little girl. He requests that she eliminate festoon from Subodh’s phot before Anandita sees it

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Anandita look through Subodh. Pihu says dad has gone to office. Anandita asks how might he do without illuminating her, get her telephone, she will call him and face. Pihu says daddy went to Delhi. The two of them play on bed. That’s what neelam sees and thinks Anandita has gone distraught completely. Anandita attempts to turn on light and it shortcuits and bursts into flames. Neelam surges in and lights fire and hollers at Anandita assuming she has completely gone frantic, she would killed even her. She shouts. Pihu cautions not to call her mamma frantic. Anandita asks not to get out of hand with elderly folks. Neelam sees she is talking in air and leaves hollering.

Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 18th April 2022: Gopal lays on a pleasure seeker and grins at Pihu. Pihu indignantly says assuming Neelam acts up with mamma, she won’t extra her. Neelam passes by and gets apprehensive seeing pleasure seeker rolling and takes off. Pihu strolls behind her platitude she won’t extra her. Gopal says more individuals will enter now, who all she will face…

Precap: Anandita panics seeing men’s shadows outside home. Pihu quiets her down. Dubious man is seen attempting to go into house.


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