Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022: Aarav inclining toward his mother’s lap sincerely says he would rather not lose Suchi. Mother says Suchi ought not have the foggiest idea about Pihu’s homicide mysterious at any expense. At home, Phiu feels alone home and addresses Gopal. Anandita gets back and hears Subodh conversing with somebody and telling it is great monitor was killed, else he was a difficulty. Subodh turns and gets strained seeing her.

She asks who killed overseer, for what reason did he tell it is great he was killed. Subodh says he told in the event that he was killed and he doesn’t have the foggiest idea who killed him. He takes her to official who says reviewer wrote in his journal that Pihu passed on in a mishap and not killed, his senior needed advancement around then, so they changed Pihu’s demise as murder. Superfluously they extended Subdoh and Aarav’s battle. Anandita requests to show auditor’s journal, on the off chance that they didn’t compose it on it yet. She says she will catcher little girl killer at any expense, they are effectively attempting to close this case. She tosses water on document nad leaves.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022: Suchi strolls in dull and Pihu yells bhooth seeing her shadow. Suchi says it is her and she ought to get terrified of Pihu all things being equal. Pihu with Guglule and Suman went to her parent’s home, presently the two of them are separated from everyone else and when she goes to work, she will be distant from everyone else at home, she fears being separated from everyone else. Suchi says she will take her to office tomorrow. Pihu cheerfully embraces her.

Following day, Suchi takes Pihu to office. Pihu composes statement of regret on board for Suchi’s sake and composes Gulgule’s name. Aarav strolls in yelling who composed it and seeing Gulgule’s name calls Suchi and inquires as to whether she carried her sibling to office. She says no, however at that point says OK when Pihu demands. Aarav shows message ready and says even children need them to join together. Suchi says she will eradicate it. Aarav gives her eraser. Naina… .tune… .plays behind the scenes. She wipes load up and table and leaves.

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Suchi then, at that point, takes Pihu to showcase. Pihu says she ought not battle with Aarav . Babli comes there and calls her. Suchi attempts to disregard her Babli stops her and inquires as to for what reason is she overlooking Aarav, how she is connected with Pihu.

Can You See Me On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022: Suchi says Pihu appears to be a great deal to her and says Aarav is principle suspect. Babli says Aarav isn’t and she ought to charge Subodh all things considered. Suchi asks what. Babli attempts to leave. Suchi stops her and requests to expound. Babli anxiously says Subodh is Pihu’s dad and sat idle. Suchi demands. Babli leaves. Suchi thinks Babli is concealing a piece mysterious and she has to know that.

Precap: Babli and Aarav are going to leave in vehicle when Babli fails to remember something and gets back. She detects somebody and picks container. Somebody pushes and runs out. She yells. Arav surges in hearing her sound.


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