Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 19th March 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 29th April 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 19th March 2022: Anandita calls Suchi. Pihu picks it and gets exceptionally cheerful hearing her voice and says it is her Pihu. Anandita says she can’t hear her, Suchi assuming she can hear. Assessor spots Anandita and illuminates his predominant that Anandita is here itself. Jeep doesn’t begin.

Anandita sees examiner and runs. Pihu calls Gopal and requests that she give her power that her mamma can hear her. She envisions Anandita coming and embracing her and gets exceptionally passionate. She then, at that point, acknowledges it is her creative mind and asks Gopal when will she meet her mamma. Gopal thinks very soon.

Suchi asks Aarav for what valid reason did he reject her acquiescence letter. He says according to organization rules, she wants to serve multi month notice and he trusts at that point, she will find out about him and drop actually renunciation for her. She thinks he is correct, she can’t stir up private and expert life, she will remain in his organization and figure out more guarantee against him. Pihu calls her and illuminates that mamma had called her and was looking exceptionally strained, mamma might require her assistance. Suchi surges home and redials last number and inquires as to whether a lady called from this number. Man says OK and says she was looking exceptionally upset and was sitting tight for somebody, tells address. Suchi surges in her bike. Gopal grins.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 19th March 2022: Anandita runs. Assessor contacts her shoulder from behind. She freezes seeing him an inquires as to why he is following him. He says he knows everything about her little girl’s homicide and who are involved. She asks what is association among Subodh and Aarav. Reviewer says Aarav has a profound association with Pihu’s homicide as Subodh had… Subodh employs an agreement executioner who shoots auditor. Auditor requests that Anandita run and tumbles down. She runs. Subodh acclaims executioner and turns.

Suchi comes to looking through Anandita and sees a man in reflect. She finds harmed examiner on floor who says Anandita was looking through her and Aarav Randhawa… breakdowns. Suchi asks what Aarav Randhawa… He doesn’t answer. Aarav arrives at home and embraces his mother. Mother says reviewer who was researching case was killed, it is great, else he was in a tough situation.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 19th March 2022: Suchi gets back. Pihu says tomorrow is youngsters’ day and mamma used to celebrate it remarkably for her. Anandita hears entryway chime and sees it opened. She opens it. Settlement youngsters welcome her blissful kids’ day. Anandta thinks Subodh realized the amount she loves youngsters’ day, so she kept entryway open. Youngsters say they need choc. She says she will and envisions Pihu in a young lady asking choc. She embraces young lady and afterward acknowledges it isn’t Pihu. Youngsters request a party. Pihu doesn’t eat food demanding for a party. Suchi goes about as calling Anandita and welcoming her for party, seeing Pihu stowing away. Pihu gets blissful hearing that.

Precap: Suchi plays find the stowaway with kids. Pihu additionally stows away. Anandita opens entryway and strolls in. Pihu gets cheerful seeing mamma.


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