Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 30th April 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 29th April 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 30th April 2022: Anandita chides Mohini to quit putting on cosmetics as it isn’t Pihu’s birthday and not her birthday, begin fixing adornment. Mohini doing nail trim and making strange faces and strolls. Vikram lets Anandita know that he didn’t welcome anybody for party from his side and just welcomed Pihu’s lifelong companions. Mohini thinks this frantic Anandita is flying excessively high and thinks her significant other is alive, let her see the dramatization now. She inquires as to whether Pihu’s dad is coming for party, his presence is significant. Anandita asks Vikram where is Subodh, when will he come, where is her versatile, she needs to call him. She gets fit of anxiety and hurries to her room.

Sooraj requests that Sooraj bring Anandita’s infusion. Vikram says they can’t give infusion without fail, he will illuminate Anandita about Subodh’s passing. Sooraj says Anandita will end up being totally frantic hearing that. Anandita breaks things. The two of them rush up. Mohini blends black powder in flame and thinks once Pihu lights it, it will impact and afterward she will get this house for all time.

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Pihu and Shona’s nok jhok begins. Shona flaunts it is her birthday. Pihu says it is her birthday. Pihu says she will show her something new and plays woodwind. Shona grabs it and runs. Gopal grins and says twin’s theatrics will be exceptionally energizing hereon. Pihu pursues Shona and their battle begins. Pihu cautions Shona to return her woodwind, else she will grab her phony teeth. She grabs teeth and they fly in air. Pihu gets them and requests that Shona return her woodwind. Barbie comes and takes Shona to prepare her while she conceals her mouth.

Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 30th April 2022: Vikram illuminates Anandita that he addressed Subodh, yet he can’t come as he has significant gathering. Anandita requests to give subodh’s telephone number and irately strolls. Sooraj acts and says he addressed Subodh sir who told he is trapped in dispensing. Damroo says Subodh sir was miserable that he can’t go to Pihu’s birthday celebration, so he sent doll for her. Anandita says Pihu will like this doll a ton and inquires as to whether Pihu is prepared at this point. Barbie prepares Pihu as Mastani of Bajirao Mastani film, yet Pihu doesn’t grin and conceals her fac.e Barbie asks what has been going on with her.

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Mohini fills birthday flame with firearm power and figures Pihu will be done this evening. Bobbby asks what’s happening with she. She says once Pihu lights flame, it will explode and everybody present will pass on, then, at that point, this house will be theirs until the end of time.

Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 30th April 2022: Pihu look through her woodwind while Shona pursuits her teeth. She shouts at Pihu to return her teeth. Pihu requests to return her woodwind then. Shona asks they will trade it all the while and gives her vegetable all things being equal and takes her teeth. She flaunts now no one can pamper her party. Everybody wear their ensembles for party. Damroo turns into Sholay’s thakur. Shona calls generally her tapori companions and depicts how to take things from this house. Pihu calls landline from versatile and causes Damroo to hear everything.

Precap: Everyone wearing ensembles partake in Pihu’s birthday celebration. Anandita lights candle and it impacts. Pihu yells Shona.. mamma..


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