Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 7th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 7th May 2022:Pihu goes into Anandita’s room. Anandita says for what reason did you return, disappear. Pihu thinks she is conversing with her, yet sees Vikram entering. Anandita says she would rather not wed him. He demands. She arranges his solicitation. Their contention proceed.

Tantrik exhaust envisioning Pihu provoking him that she escaped his hold, and he could do nothing. Daadi enters considering him and hollering what sort of it is this to torment place. Tantrik re-visitations of his place. Daadi calls Mohini and afterward Shona/Pihu. Tantrik is stunned to see Shona and acknowledges she is Pihu’s twin. He wants to go into that house through Shona. Shona gets rowdy with him. Daadi apologizes and says she is a youngster. Baba says her errors are excused and silenltly attempting to embrace her trims her hair quietly to do dark sorcery on them.

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Anandita look through Pihu. Neelam illuminates that she went with Daadi and Mohini. Anandita says she needs to go to sanctuary with Pihu and is feeling frail. Vikram enters and says she shouldn’t go on the off chance that she is frail. She demands. He says he will drop her to sanctuary and demands. She concurs goes to change. Neelam clicks their pics together to appreciate Daadi and Mohini’s theatrics.

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Daadi gets back with Mohini and Shona. Neelam says she shouldn’t endure Vikram and Anandita’s sentiment, presently Anandita has persuaded Vikram to take her out shopping. Mohini exhaust and plans to inconvenience Anandita. She spreads rodents in store room and requests that Shona send Anandita to store room. Anandita lets Vikram know that she is prepared. Shona boisterously says she is back, let us play find the stowaway. Anandita leaves looking through her and inquires as to whether she saw Pihu. Mohini says she went to store room. Anandita gets into store room and Mohini locks it from outside. Rodents mess with her and shee yells for help, which nobody tune in.

Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 7th May 2022:Vikram comes out looking through Anandita. Mohini says she went to sanctuary holding thali and inquires as to why he is so attached to her when she disregards him. He says he is male relative and is performing his responsibility of safeguarding family women. Mohini says he ought to deal with even her and she is going to shopping for food, however is worn out. Vikram consents to take her for shopping. Mohini celebrates…

Precap: Tantrik catches Bhootu once more.


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