Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 10th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 10th April 2022:  Episode Start With Adhiraj strolls addressing somebody over telephone that it is an enormous sum, yet he is good with it. He conflicts with Devi and thinks back Suchi telling that he adores Devi a great deal and ought to communicate it. Their telephone get traded. Devi hears 45 lakhs on her portable. Their eyes strike once more.

Aarav feels miserable thinking back Dr. Shukla telling that Mansi is intellectually strong and is acting. Pihu sees him crying and illuminates Suchi. Aarav apologizes Suchi for not confiding in her. He says he will get Mansi captured for her horrifying demonstrations. They every one of the 3 leave in a vehicle.

Devi sees Kesar miserable and says she will take more time to Manan. In an eatery, Mukund attempts persuade his gay beau Kiran. Kiran yells how is it that he could double-cross him and accompany a lady. Their contention increases. Kiran slaps Manan. Devi and Kesar stroll in and are stunned to see this. Kesar slaps Kiran. Manan slaps her back and yells how dare she is to slap his Kiran. Kesar is stunned seriously seeing her better half is a gay and runs out. Devi runs behind her.

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Aarav while driving vehicle calls Mansi. Mansi apprehensively picks call and in her typical distraught acting asks where is he. He is sorry her for questioning her and says Maa was correct that Suchi will make a break between them. He requests that she give telephone to mamma. Mansi strolls down acting and sees a note in Suman’s grasp who is on wheelchair, grabbing note asks where is mamma. Suman gets apprehensive. Mansi then, at that point, strolls into kitchen, gives Babli her portable, and stows away close to entryway. Aarav inquires as to whether Mansi is there or not. She says no, what occurred. Aarav illuminates that Mansi is acting and is intellectually strong. Babli says Suchi is indoctrinating her once more. Aarav Dr. Shukla affirmed that Mansi terrified him to make misleading reports, he is going to medical clinic with genuine reports and afterward will get Mansi captured. That’s what mansi hears, quietly sits on steps and goes about as frantic once more. Babli spoils her and thinks what happened Aarav, she won’t get Mansi captured with such ease.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 10th April 2022: Devi strolls to Kesar and says she doesn’t need to feel powerless, she needs to battle for her privileges. She strolls in and hauls Manan out and chastens him that who gave him right to play with somebody’s life. She then, at that point, takes them both to home and rings home sanctuary chime, assembling entire family. She requests that Manan tell his reality before his darlings. Manan apprehensively asks what truth. Devi says the one he is stowing away. Kiran strolls in and says Manan is lying, they love one another. Adhiraj thinks back Kiran getting Devi to medical clinic. Kiran keeps communicating his affection for Manan. Maasa cautions him to ease off on the off chance that he is intending to extricate cash. Kiran says she won’t comprehend his adoration and will kill her. He shoots her, however Devi comes in front and bears slug. Manan takes off with Kiran. Adhiraj runs towards Devi.

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