Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me on Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 : Avni serves food to Shona and requests that she have it. Shona gets profound seeing her mom’s affection. Pihu enthusiastically advises Gopal to see mother and child’s adoration. She does enchantment on Shona who likewise spoils Avni. Avni additionally gets haappy, however at that point once sorcery dodges, Shona as expected pompously shouts and obnoxiously manhandles her and takes off. Pihu requests that Gopal follow through with something.

Pihu gets back and seeing Anandita dozing figures she will rejoin Shona and her mom Avni soon. When she leaves, Anandita awakens recalling Subodh and look through number from which she got Subodh’s call. Vikram gets back and tells Daadi he completed his supper during client meeting and will proceed to rest now.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 :  Daadi shows him gunny pack and requests that he keep it in store room. He hauls sack to storeroom and keeps it there, yet gets his hand harmed. He strolls back to lounge. Daadi goes about as stressed. Mohini does his exaggerating not surprisingly and races to Anandita’s room and asks where is medical aid box, Vikram never tells where he keeps things, he got inujured while conveying a sack to store room. She then takes emergency treatment box and does Vikra’s dressing sneering at Daadi.

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Shona ganders at book thinking back Avni showering love on her. Pihu enters. Shona shouts at Pihu this is a most awful book and tosses it on her. Pihu picks and says it is great book and attempts to quiet her down.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022 : Anandita strolls into store room and checks gunny pack. She is stunned to see Subodh’s blood smudged shirt and blade in it and frenzies that Vikram killed Subodh. She further finds letter in which she peruses when she gets letter, Vikram would have killed him. She decides to kill Subodh’s killer and strolls to Vikram’s room holding blade and lifts hand to wound him.

Precap: Shona tells Avni they won’t meet again from here. Avni gives her gift and demand to turn into her companion. Pihu energetically requests that Shona say OK.


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