Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 17th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 17th April 2022: Pihu gets apprehensive when she sees somebody entering home and asks Gopal not to terrify her once more. A woman Neelam enters and shouts this is khandar, how might they stay here. Her better half Suraj enters and says Aarav sir gave us this house’s liability and they need to deal with it (they are Aarav’s servants). Pihu asks Gopal what khandar implies. Gopal says old dilapated house.

Pihu becomes irate and breaks their mirror. Neelam gets apprehensive and says bhooth. Pihu says bhooth is directly before them. A specialist house to a man from outside and says this house is tiny, he will get him a major house. Man says he prefers this house as other house is seen obviously from here. Power returns. Neelam keeps showing fits of rage. Suraj investigates her eyes. She gets bashful and says now that distraught will come.

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Emergency vehicle enters. Neelam says frantic lady came. Dubious man quickly eliminates camera and snaps photographs from inverse house. Anandita is freed once again from emergency vehicle and taken into house. Pihu gets cheerful seeing her mamma and runs. She steps on electric wire and it arises flash because of short out. Drapery bursts into flames. Anandita thinks back Subodh’s homicide and yells don’t shoot, don’t shoot. Dubious man sneers from a good ways.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 17th April 2022: Pihu becomes stressed for her mamma. Anandita sees Pihu and gets passionate. Pihu inquires as to whether she can see her. Anandita says OK and embraces her. Gopal says a dead girl needs to deal with deranged mother now, it is her test which she needs to finish.

Precap: Nurse says specialist doesn’t extra understanding until he recovers. Neelam says Anandita isn’t yet well. Nurture says somebody didn’t believe that Anandita should remain in mental shelter. Dubious man addresses specialist over telephone.


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