Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022 update

Can You See Me May 2022 Teasers
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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Shona tells Vikram’s mom/grandmother that she will help her different Vikram and Anandita. Grandmother asks her not to call her oldie and call her grandmother. Pihu asks Shona not to call her grandmother as she is extremely awful and mamma’s became sick in light of her. Shona as expected does inverse. Grandmother then implores Gopal to get Anandita far from Vikram and keep her in extreme lethargies until the end of time. Pihu argues Gopal not to pay attention to her. Gopal plays woodwind and grins.

Mohini sees Bobby doing family errands and asks him not to as the old woman will assist them with getting this house. She will serve woman and bait her to wed her child Vikram to her, then, at that point, his home and Vikram’s properties will be hers. Bobby asks not to fly so high.

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Pihu holds up external Anandita’s ICU room and appeals to God for her recuperation soon. Grandmother sincerely inquires as to whether he wil do as she says. He concurs. She requests to pick either her and Anandita and begins profound atyachar. Pihu observes quietly. Shona egotistically thinks let us see whom he will uphold. Vikram says he will pick Anandita as he can’t leave what is going on and will wed her to help her. Grandmother slaps him and says she lost her senior child and will not ose her more youthful one at this point. Pihu figures how might Vikram wed her mamma, he is her chachu.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Pihu implores Gopal and takes light to Anandita’s room. Anandita thinks back grandmother claiming that she is ominous and her child passed on in light of her, showing Subodh’s dead declaration. Anandita awakens and take off yelling Subodh, she can’t survive without him. She runs on street and Pihu runs behind her. A quickly moving vehicle heads towards her. Vikram surges and saves her. She cries she would rather not live without Subodh. Vikram gets some information about Pihu, who will deal with her.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022 update: Anandita gets back and with Pihu/Shona glances at Subodh’s garlanded photograph. Vikram strolls in and says he will take are of them. He gives books to Shona/Pihu. Shona tosses them and makes trouble with him shouting dare not to behave like his daddy. He irately attempts to slap her, yet Anandita stops her and shouts how dare he is to hit her girl. He says when kids get rowdy, they must be instructed illustration. Shona grins. Anandita asks who gave him this right. He says he needs to wed her as he most likely is aware she and Pihu needs them. She slaps him.

Precap: Vikram smells gas and sees Shona swithing on gas and lighting match stick. Pihu yells don’t. Chamber impacts.


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