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Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 3rd April 2022: Aarav tears open the locked storeroom entryway and go in followed by everybody aside from Manasi. They find just Suchi’s versatile there yet not Suchi. Finding  Aarav worried, BaI races to Manasi’s room and seeing her sleeping soundly, with a sheet completely covering her, inhales a murmur of help.

Manasi is seen requesting her hooligans to pick up the pace. They put an oblivious Suchi in the secondary lounge of a vehicle. Pihu quickly attempts to prevent them from removing Suchi, completely failing to remember that she cannot be seen nor heard.No one hears her and the van hurries away with Manasi sitting toward the front. Observing a motorbike following them, Pihu chooses to ride a pillion and follow Manasi.

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Aarav calls the police, the controller recommends that Suchi could have gone out leaving her versatile, and met with a mishap. Aarav becomes passionate and says cap nothing will happen to Suchi. He demands the monitor to begin looking for his dearest.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 3rd April 2022: The van arrives at a forlorn backwoods region and stops there. An invigorated Manasi leaps out and arranges her thugs to take out Suchi and begin digging a grave for her. As the men follow her instructions, Pihu attempts all means to resuscitate Suchi however fails. Meanwhile One of her men gets a brilliant thought, when told, Manasi concurs and supplements him saying that she will pay him an additional Rs10000/.- Accordingly, he takes out a noxious snake and leaves it close to Suchi so that regardless of whether anybody finds her body, later on, it would resemble a demise by snake bite. As the snake approaches Suchi, Pihu weakly supplicates Gopal to help her save Suchi.

Whenever Gopal shows up, Pihu asks for certain powers to handle Manasi and her goons. Gopal concurs and reminds Pihu that the time has come to satisfy her obligation as a little girl and save her mom.
Pihu first drives off the snake with a stick. Seeing the snake crawl away, Manasi becomes fretful and orders her men to wrap up digging Suchi’s grave. As the men move toward an oblivious Suchi, Pihu trying to stop them begins tossing stones at them. Some of them even feel inconspicuous hands beating them.

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The unnerved men take off letting an incensed Manasi be with an oblivious Suchi. Refusing to get scared, Manasi sits adjacent to Suchi and communicates her disdain for her. to She thinks back how she needed to go to prison in light of her and needed to endure the embarrassing insults that she is insane, all due to Suchi. Looking at Suchi, she guarantees herself that she will positively get her payback by killing Suchi first and afterward Anandita. As a stunned Pihu watches, she weeps for her bombed love yet feels cheerful reasoning that once Anandita is killed she can get back Subodh. She lifts Suchi and places her in the open grave. in the interim, the terrified men rebound and Manasi orders them to begin filling it with soil.

Can You See Me On Zee World Sunday 3rd April 2022: Pihu finds a gigantic stone close by and pushes it towards Manasi. The stone rolls down and Manasi falls into the ditch. As she gets up and recaptures her balance, Pihu hits her with a stick on her head. As her men remove her to take care of her injuries, Pihu discovers some water left by the thugs and sprinkles it all over to resuscitate her. When Suchi recovers cognizance she asks where is Manasi. Pihu makes sense that Manasi is exceptionally perilous and she is just claiming to be insane, she plans to kill her first and afterward Anandita.

THE precap shows Suchi getting back and being examined by Aarav regarding her attacker, revealing that his sister Manasi has engineered the attack and attempted to kill her.


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