Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022: Mansi gets back to godown and sees gas chamber unblemished. She chides her manikin for what reason didn’t chamber impact and kill Suchi and Aarav, where did the fire light go. She arranges him to get and bring them back, she will burst chamber and kill them. She consumes light and tosses match stick on floor. Manikin yells lady petrol..Godown blasts into fire.


Family is caught up with getting sorted out Aarav and Suchi’s wedding. Investigator over telephone illuminates Babli that he is at godown and observed a consumed dead body, question it is Mansi’s. Babli says today it is child’s wedding and she will stow away about Mansi’s passing till marriage wraps up. Mansi escapes and thinks there were 2 individuals in godown and she got away. She masks as elderly person and figures she won’t allow Aarav and Pihu to wed and will kill them, she will wed Subodh all things considered.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022:  Pandit finds wedding muhurath of same day. Suman says it is Suchi’s birthday and extremely promising. Babli gets some information about Suchi’s folks. Suman says she previously addressed jiji and she likewise needs Suchi’s wedding happened today. Mansi masked as elderly person strolls in holding blossoms and conflicts with Aarav. Aarav doesn’t distinguish her.

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Pihu appreciates laddoos. Subodh and Anandita chooses to go to Suchi and Aarav’s wedding and afterward leave city. Gopal says they ought to leave prior to wedding and they can’t deal with seeing their girl’s end. He returns and vanishes laddoos. Pihu reproves him. He says she can’t have common things and she needs to pass on this world now as her to meander in this world has finished. She will get moksh. Pihu strolls to Suchi and asks what is moksh. Suchi thinks it is mooch/mustache and says just young men get mooch.


Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022: Mansi sees Aarav accompanying protectors and tells Babli that Mansi and her hooligans should be near, so he employed guardians. Pihu strolls back to Gopal and asks what is moksh. He makes sense of its is a condition where there wont be dimness or light, no yearning, no dread, and so on.. Body will annihilate and just soul is everlasting. He inquires as to whether she is allowed an opportunity, what ought to get a kick out of the chance to be brought into the world as. She sees Anandita strolling in and enthusiastically says she needs to turn into her mamma’s little girl once more

Precap: Mansi conceals weapon. Gopal figures what other sign he can provide for Pihu, she ought to get his sign.


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