Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022: Aarav surges Babli to medical clinic and questioning Suchi jumped into his home and assaulted his mother calls Suchi and requests to come to City Hospital at this moment. Suchi arrives at emergency clinic. Aarav shows her Babli on bed and inquires as to for what reason did she jumped into his room the previous evening like a cheat and assaulted his mother. Suchi says she didn’t. He says he detests her more than he adored her. He trusts the day comes when her real nature are out. Suchi says she likewise trusts that day comes soon and getting clear wrong. She leaves feeling frustrated about Babli.

Pihu awakens and doesn’t track down Suchi. She requests that Gopal take her to Suchi. Gopal says he will play with her and allow Suchi to take care of her responsibilities. Pihu asks when did he become a child. Their nok jhok proceeds.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022: Aarav gets Babli released. He says he won’t pardon Suchi for hurting her. Babli says Suchi is a short young lady and one she hit her final evening was tall like Anandita. Aarav calls Subodh and inquires as to for what reason did Anandita come to his home final evening. Subodh says she is questioning they are engaged with Pihu’s homicide and was looking through a significant document in his home. Aarav says that document has their mystery and assuming it is out, they all will be in a difficult situation, so no one ought to get that record.

Suchi gets back and feels dismal for Babli. She sees hooligan’s sketch and takes it for Xerox duplicate. She strolls on street and Xerox duplicate tumbles down. An elderly person takes a gander at it cautiously. Suchi inquires as to whether he knows this man. Elderly person inquires as to why she needs to know him.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022:  Suchi says he sells inflatables and she needs him to brighten her little girl’s birthday celebration. Man says he is a hooligan and bad, so she should avoid him. Suchi demands. Man asks what will he get. She gives him cash. He says this man stays in our space and tells address. She arrives at thug’s home and thumps entryway. Hooligan comes from outside and asks what she wants, she can come in and talk. The two of them go in. Suchi she is CBI official. Hooligan says he left all violations. Suchi says she is exploring murder case and asks on whose request he killed Pihu Bose, little girl of Subodh Bose. Hooligan get strained and says he is clueless. She demands. Show conrtinues…

Precap: Bablli asks Aarav for what good reason is Suchi researching Pihu’s case. Arav says even he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Babli requests to get down on Subodh and find. He calls Subodh. Anandita sees Aarav’s name in Subodh’s call log. Subodh asks versatile organization not to give his call subtleties to anybody. Official says lady previously took it.


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