Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022: Pihu/Mike gets theif and saves Bobby’s parent’s possessions. Bobby’s dad gets harmed, and mother becomes stressed and says where will they go at this point. Pihu/Mike requests that they come to her home, her home is extremely large. They concur and stroll along her. Sooraj stops them outside entryway and asks who are they. Mike says she is taking more time to meet mamma and necessities water. Sooraj expresses as of now there are many individuals and he can’t permit any more, he will bring water for them here itself and strolls in.

ACP offers desserts to Anandita and says her girl’s wedding is fixed. Anandita says is getting hitched his girl to an off-base individual and leaves. Rohini exhaust hearing this and chooses to dispense with Anandita. Pihu/Mike strolls into Anandita’s room and sees Bobby taking Anandita’s ring. Bobby figures he will gift it to Barbie and she won’t realize he took it. Pihu does enchantment and he tumbles down. Anandita returns hearing sound and seeing him reprimands what is he doing in her room. He says he slipped and leaves smoldering that he was unable to take ring. Pihu grins.

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Around evening time, Pihu doesn’t see Anandita on her bed and proceeds to illuminate Mike’s mother. Mother and ACP shoos him away. She goes to Sooraj and Neelam’s room and does wizardry. Lights gleam and air spouts from windows. Sooraj awakens hearing windows vacillating and awakens Neelam. The two of them get apprehensive and rushed to family room. Entire family strolls down and ACP yells what’s going on here.

Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022:  Mike/Pihu says Anandita is missing. Rohini lets Bobby know that she killed Anandita. Bobby asks where is dead body. She says it is in store room. ACP and others hurry to Anadita’s room and sees it locked from inside. Sooraj says it isn’t locked generally. Mike says they can open it with pole and races to bring it. ACP says he will explore where Anandita went. Bobby and Rohini go along with them back in the wake of concealing Anandita’s body.. Dramatization proceeds…

Precap: Suspicious man/Vikram conveys Anandita home and Bobby’s folks follow him.
Rohini and Bobby are stunned seeing them.


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