Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: Aarav is shocked seeing Pihu talking with him through composition. Aarav requests that how track down Suchi. Pihu says awful aunt got a call from her hooligans on her portable and versatile is aunt’s room. It gets composed on table through enchantment.

Aarav understands it and runs towards room. Suman chides Gulgule once more. Gulgule says he didn’t compose it, it is wizardry. Aarav picks Mansi’s portable and discovers some carport’s number. Pihu says he will observe Suchi’s hint there. It gets composed on reflect. Aarav understands it and faculties Pihu’s presence. He genuinely attempts to contact her adage he didn’t trust Suchi and was off-base. Pihu says Suchi told she will wed Aarav following 2 days on her birthday. Aarav understands it and says let us go to.

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Mansi attaches Suchi to gas chamber and says once somebody opens entryway, both Suchi and this carport will explode. Aarav with Pihu comes to outside carport. Pihu says Khadoos let us go in and save Suchi. Aarav inquires as to why she calls him Khadoos. Pihu says since he behaves like his instructor. It gets composed on his hand. He says she should composed elsewhere, not on his body. She says it is an enchantment, she isn’t composing.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: He strolls into carport and startles laborer to tell where Such is. Specialist says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Proprietor comes and cautions Aarav to go. Aarav calls him from Mansi’s versatile. Proprietor thinks it is Mansi and talks. Aarav picks stick and cautions him to tell truth. Proprietor concurs and says Mansi took more time to a few godown and rest he doesn’t have any idea. Mansi comes out and grins that both Aarav and Suchi will bite the dust now.

Babli implores Gopal to safeguard Suchi and Aarav. Light brushes off. Anandita enters and implores Gopal that she will begin asking assuming he sends back Suchi and Aarav securely home. She requests that Babli begin wedding courses of action as anything terrible needed to happen has occurred. Gopal says she shouldn’t make vow which can’t occur as her girl’s story’s completion is just around the corner. Subodh enters and says Aarav sent him address and he is going there with police.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: Aarav comes to approach carport and requests that Pihu search Suchi and illuminate him. Pihu gets enticed seeing ladoo and drops Gopal’s plume. She loses contact with Aarav. Aarav tracks down godown and attempts to open entryway. He requests that Pihu proceed to check inside assuming Suchi is ther. Pihu can’t reach him and feels remorseful for losing feather. Mansi’s helper commends her that she looks blameless, yet is exceptionally savage. Mansi says she is doing this for Subodh’s affection, when Aarav opens entryway and godown impacts, both Aarav and Suchi will pass on and individuals will think Suchi offed herself and Aarav. Aarav attempts to kick entryway open.

Precap: Suchi requests that Pihu tell Aarav not to open godown, else chamber will explode. Pihu illuminates Aarav, yet he can’t hear it and kicks entryway open.


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