Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022: Suchi contemplates Babli’s words and thinks how is Subodh associated with Pihu’s homicide, why she is attempting to save Aarav. She asks Gopal that her Pihu doesn’t have the foggiest idea what befallen her and is enthusiastically holding back to meet her mother. Aarav asks Babli for what good reason did she meet Suchi, presently Suchi will examine Pihu’s case and arrive at guilty party. Babli says she met Suchi for himself and tells she even told about Subodh. Aarav asks what did she say, assuming she had helped her that time, the present circumstance could not have possibly emerged.

Suchi keeps standing up to Gopal and says she won’t light until Pihu meets her mother and she tackles Pihu’s homicide secret. Gopal says one who attempts won’t ever come up short and she ought to take care of her responsibilities and leae rest to him. He lights light and says he will give her a shelter today. Suchi is astounded seeing light lighting and supplicates Gopal.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022: Pihu goes snoozing and dreams of a man more than once and gets apprehensive. She awakens calling mamma and bhurburi and requests water. Suchi goes to kitchen to bring water. Pihu strolls to cultivate region and attempts to dig substantial floor. Gopal comes and stops her and asks what’s going on with she. Gopal says she is dreaming about a similar uncle who had come to her home, yet can’t see clear face.

Gopal holds her head and she sees clear face. Suchi sees her from overhang, goes down and sees her dozing on floor, awakens her and inquires as to whether she rest strolled. Pihu tells upon the arrival of her demise, an uncle had come and asked water. She told she can’t arrive at cooler top rack, so he can take water himself, so he went to kitchen and left after at some point, after he went chamber impacted and she kicked the bucket. Pihu says she is drawing nearer to her killer step by step.

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Aarav and his mom leave house in their vehicle. A lady wearing cloak enters and searches records. Babli returns and says Aarav she fails to remember something generally and strolls into home, seeing dull calls worker. Wrap lady runs. Babli holds her and calls Aarav. Lady drives her and flees. Babli falls and harms her head and yells. Aarav runs into home and seeing Babli on floor harmed gets concerned. Babli says some lady was in and fled pushing her. Aarav calls emergency vehicle.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022: Suchi attracts man’s sketch as per Pihu’s portrayal and shows it to her. Suchi yells don’t show his face and conceals her face under pad. Pihu says she is extremely near killer now and will get him and inquire as to why he cut gas chamber pipe.

Precap: Aarav calls Suchi and says in the event that something happens to his mom, he won’t extra her and requests that she come and meet him in City Hospital. Suchi thinks what is he talking about.


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