Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022: Pihu in Mike’s body strolls wearing her typical huge shirt. Barbie stops him and asks what is he wearing, he realizes dad could do without this. He says I love you and runs. Barbie stands confounded grinning. Pihu rushes to Anandita’s room seeing her overreacting. Anandita panics that outsiders are meddling her home, she will call Subodh and gripe. Pihu attempts to stop her, yet she calls Subodh and when his telephone isn’t reachable, she calls his secretary who says Subodh passed on 2 years prior.

Pihu thinks back nurture telling that Anandita should be unaware of her girl and spouse’s demise. She argues Gopal to follow through with something. Gopal does leela/enchantment, Anandita’s telephone rings and somebody talks in Subodh’s voice and apologizes for not calling her since long. Anandita unwinds. Pihu says thanks to Gopal who says Anandita is her vigorous supporter and he would help her without a doubt.

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Pihu escapes Mike’s body. Mike sees holding doll and wearing larger than average shirt and tosses doll indignantly. Gopal gets Pihu in Mike’s body back.

Specialist treats ACP and says he consumed perilous medication, who gave it to him. Rohini says who else than that frantic lady/Anandita, they ought to show her out of house. Sooraj stands moronic without talking. ACP says it is OK, let us finish commitment service before muhurat dies. Dubious man strolls in and gives a gift pack to Bobby. Bobby asks who is he. Man says manager sent something for him. Bobby sees note in pack. That’s what pihu sees and lets Gopal know that one awful uncle is meeting another awful uncle. Gopal says it is better she knows less about this dubious man. Commitment function begins.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022: Bobby dorns precious stone ring in Barbie’s ring. ACP says it is a valuable precious stone ring. Bobby says he can gift numerous precious stone rings to Bobby. Bobby gets exceptionally blissful. After at some point, Bobby meets dubious man pins him down and asks how could he get such a lot of cash to get precious stone ring. Bobby chuckles and says it is a phony ring, he despises Barbie and wouldn’t give her a penny, he simply needs her family adornments. Pihu hears everythig and considers illuminating about it to everybody and save Barbie from Bobby.

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Pihu advises Gopal that she needs to uncover Bobby. Gopal says she is in Mike’s body, so no one will trust her, so she needs to accomplish something which will make individuals notice it. Barbie takes a gander at her wedding bands and gets engrasped in considerations. Mother comes and requests that she have 1 supper daily, else she will expand up and Bobby will begin losing interest in her. Mike/Pihu enters and says Bobby is a criminal. ACP consoles Barbie. Barbie says she is fortunate to have Bobby in her life. ACP says Bobby is fortunate all things considered.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022: After at some point, Gayatri sees Mike wearing young lady’s shirt and says he is a kid, it isn’t great for him. He says she is exceptionally voracious. She says she so what and strolls to Barbie’s room with natural products. Barbie requests to get legitimate food. She insults she will grow like panda assuming that she proceeds with this food. Barbie exhaust, sees sweet box on feasting table and hurries to pick it. Pihu/Mike sprinkles sauce on her ring. She eliminate it and keeps it on table. Pihu yells cockroach. Anandita comes runing and hits ring close to cockroach and it separates and falls. Entire family surges and mother says precious stone doesn’t break, it is a glass piece…

Percap: Barbie requests that ACP quiet down, it is a genuine jewel. ACP slaps Bobby and says Barbie loves him so much, yet is a lier, requests that spouse gather their packs.


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