Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 3rd May 2022: Chamber impacts. Mohini holds Daadi and runs out. Vikram holds Shona and surges out. Shona falls oblivious. Entire family get stressed for her. Mohini affirms Anandita that she attempted to kill her own little girl once more and is a witch. Vikram cautions her to quiet down and surges Shona to clinic. Pihu implores Gopal to save Shona.

Shona is taken to ICU. Daadi charges Anandita that she is a chudail/witch and attempted to kill her little girl two times and killed her significant other. Anandita cries. Daadi keeps claiming Anandita and says she won’t let her close to Pihu. Anandita argues. Daadi drives her away. Specialist comes out and inquires as to why they are battling here, there are numerous patients here, they ought to disappear and battle, orders medical attendant to send them away. Nurture pushes Anandita while Daadi strolls into ICU.

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Anandita cries sitting on floor. Sooraj accompanies Mohini and asks her not to cry, Pihu will be okay. Vikram comes and control center her and says he heard maa didn’t let her meet Pihu, he will address maa. Nurture asks Anandita not to cry as different patients are getting upset. Specialist omes out and illuminates that Pihu’s condition is basic for 24 hours and he can’t ensure anything. Pihu cries more and attempts to stroll into ICU, however Daadi pushes her once more and loudly mishandles her. She requests that Mohini bring seat and sits outside ICU.

Pihu strolls into ICU and cries that she shouldn’t have passed over light even after Gopal’s advance notice, Shona’s condition is a result of her. Anandita keeps crying external ICU. Daadi asks Gopal’s venerated image to send chudail Anandita away from her kids, she grabbed her child and granddaughter prior and presently granddaughter once more, she doesn’t need her close to her youngsters and sincerely extorts that she generally implored her and he ought to satisfy her requests.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 3rd May 2022: Pihu additionally supplicates Gopal to save Shona. Gopal arises. Shona apologizes for not paying attention to him and demands once more. Gopal plays woodwind and grins. Daadi, Mohini and others nod off. Pihu requests that Anandita proceed to meet Shona at this point. Anandita faculties it and strolls into ICU. She spoils Shona. Shona responded and opens eyes. Pihu energetically says mamma Shona is opening eyes. Anandita gets close to home.

Precap: Daadi discovers that she won’t allow Anandita to take Vikram and will inconvenience her such a lot of that Anandita herself will leave Vikram. Pihu holds Daadi’s stick and cautions she is there to safeguard her mom structure evil daadi.


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