Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 18th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 18th May 2022: Avanti illuminates Shona that she abandoned her child and left her in halfway house as she was unmarried mother. She says this is her mysterious, for that reason Shona is vital closest companion to her. Shona cries. Pihu recommends Shona to illuminate Avanti that she is her little girl. Shona says Avanti repudiated her, she will not. Pihu says Avanti was vulnerable and misses her. Shona says she won’t ever let Avanti know that she is her little girl. After at some point, Avanti returns. Shona yells at her that she is enormous lady and can’t get to know a youngster and requests that she leave her home.

Daadi tells Anandita that Vikram is getting dubious every day and is extremely risky, so to save herself and Pihu she needs to go about as consuming and offing herself and record video which just Vikram will see, then she will send Aandita to Naintal. Anandita gets some information about Pihu. Daadi gets some information about her and gives her godown keys. Pihu sees Anandita proceeding to hear Daaadi and Mohini’s conversation that Anandita herself will self destruction and pass on at this point. She argues Gopal to save mamma. Gopal requests to take Anandita’s number one thing to her to stop her. Pihu searches and finds her manually written hello card to Anandita on her birthday and thinks back Anandita telling this will be her number one present.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 18th May 2022: Anandita arrives at godown and calls Daadi. Daadi requests to go to specific room where she has fixed CCTV camera. Vikram gets back. Daadi on TV then, at that point, shows Anadita attempting to self destruction. Anandita says she can’t fail to remember Subodh and will meet him. Vikram breaks seeing that. Anandita stops when Pihu arrives at there and does wizardry, however somebody drops fire light on floor and consumes godown. Anandita argues for help. Vikram frenzies and attempts to scramble for her assistance, however Daadi stops him and cries that Anandita would have passed on at this point.

Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 18th May 2022: Anandita strolls in calling Vikram. Daadi and Mohini get strained seeing her and holler how could she escape. Anandita hovels Vikram and says she got back her memory and Daadi is the person who conditioned her against Vikram and incited to commit suicide. She recounts to him entire story exhaustively. Daadi anxiously says Anandita is lying. Vikram yells at Anandita to quiet down, he won’t listen anything against his mom. Daadi grins hearing this. Anandita attempts to make sense of Vikram, however he gets resolved. Anandita says she will take off from house in the event that he doesn’t trust her. Daadi snickers that her concern will be gone for eternity.

Precap: No precap. Promotion of Jeet Gayi to Piya Morey sequential’s new time allotment at 6:30 p.m. in Bhootu’s place is shown.


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