Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022: Pihu consoles Pihu not to stress as her folks won’t get separated, when father gives blossoms to maa, she will fail to remember her displeasure. She lets Gopal know that katti/irate means separate, so she will say separate from when she gets katti. Gopal sasy it isn’t and he appreciates margarine. Suchi thinks back demanding Aarav’s right hand to inform seriously concerning Mansi. Partner tells Mansi was not distraught previously, her and Subodh’s kinship developed into afrair and entire staff had some awareness of it.

At the point when Aarav came to be familiar with it, he stood up to and, surprisingly, destroyed Subodh faithfully as he didn’t need Subodh’s family to endure. Suchi asks when did this battle occur. Colleague says in July. Suchi thinks only multi month before Pihu’s homicide. Aide proceeds with that Mansi couldn’t deal with separation and lost her psychological soundness, inquires as to why she is enquiring to such an extent. Suchi tells she will tell her later.

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Suchi goes to meet Vinayak. Nurture says Vinayak went into unconsciousness and police has come. Suchi meets examiner who says Vinayak was endeavored to kill and even she should watch out. Suchi says Vinayak’s admission was a lot of required, no one but he can determine whether Mansi killed Pihu or what its identity is.

Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022: Suchi then, at that point, calls Aarav’s aide and requests that she send Mansi’s medical clinic address and specialist subtleties as Babli gave her a document to hand it over to doc, yet presently her phon is turned off. Right hand consents to send. Suchi hangs tight for her message. When she receives message, she strolls. Someeone pushes her in a dull gas room and locks entryway from outside. Suchi yells to open entryway. Tox gas begins occupying room. Suchi begins hacking and falls. Gopal carries Pihu to clinic and thinks just Pihu can help Suchi now. The two of them stroll up and Gopal vanishes. Pihu cries that she is apprehensive, kindly return.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 30th March 2022: Suchi hears her and with mental fortitude gets up and looks from window glass and falls once more. Pihu sees Suchi and cals Gopal for help. She then, at that point, sees wardboy strolling with medication streetcar and argues for help. Wardboy gets a call and stops. Pihu takes streetcar close to entryway. Wardboy sees Suchi’s fingerprints on entryway and strolls in. He saves Mansi. Specialist treats her and when she awakens inquires as to for what reason did she go there. She says he received a message to meet Dr. Malhotra in room 33. Specialist says they don’t send SMSes and utilize just landline, and she was trapped in a poisonous gas chamber and was going to pass on, fortunately somebody saved her. Suchi thinks Mansi got her assaulted.

Precap: Suchi tells Aarav that Mansi attempted to kill her as she came to know her reality. Aarav says it isn’t Mansi, he got her assaulted her.


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