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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 4th May 2022: Tantriks go into Anandita’s home. Daadi welcomes them and argues that she is in a tough situation, they ought to take care of her concerns. Tantrik serenades mantra and says he has come. He attempts to enter however eases off and says this house has phantom/soul and is preventing him from going into house. Daadi asks whose spirit it is. Tantrik gets out whatever is occurring in this house is a direct result of a little children’s spirit. Daadi says even she needs to see soul. Vikram sees Tantrik and asks what’s going on. Daadi says he ought to trust this baba/tantrik and he says this house has soul. Vikram inquires as to why she is believig these phony babas and cautions tantrik to get out. Tantrik yells affront, he will revile. Daadi stops baba and argues.

Tantrik says he cam to get them out of soul’s hold, she will kill them all. Daadi argues baba to help as her child has gone blind in chudail Anandita’s adoration, gives her pledge to Vikram not to meddle. Vikram says let him see where soul has stowed away. Daadi takes tantrik in. Tantrik says Vikram that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his abilities, he will demonstrate that this house has soul and will get it. He drones mantras and calls soul. Pihu expenses anxiety and calls Anandita, yet Anandita is sound sleeping. Tantrik tosses debris and lights begin glimmering. Pihu gets stressed and asks what’s going on. Daadi asks Tantrik to take soul from here. Vikram says it is simply fantasy Tantrik says he needs to do havan. Pihu argues Gopal that she needs to remain with mamma, come soon.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 4th May 2022: Tantrik orchestrates havan. Vikram says he will kick this tantrik out. Tantrik says he wants an individual from her home who can help him. Vikram says he will not. Daadi says she will do antyhing for her child’s life. Vikram says this Tantrik is tricking her. Daadi requests that he go from here. He says he will go from here with Pihu and will just return once she shuts down this. He leaves. Tantrik says she needs to bear torment, and he really wants something in which he can catch aatma. Daadi brings bottle. Tantrik requests that she stand holding lights. She does indeed. Mohini, Neelima, and Sooraj watch dramatization. Tantrik says he will catch soul in this container and serenades mantras. Pihu gets more apprehensive

Vikram tells Shona/Pihu that daadi has sent Anandita some place. The two of them ought to bring her and take off from this house. Shona as expected egotistically says she is tired and doesn’t have any desire to go anyplace. Vikram forcfully lifts her and removes her. Anandita faculties Pihu is in harm’s way and awakens and eliminates her saline dribble calling pihu. Pihu says she is here. Vikram accompanies Pihu. Shona sees Pihu and thinks this chick is stowing away here, she ought to get her captured. Daadi moves holding lights on Anand hai prachand… .tune. Shona thinks anything that Pihu attempts, she needs to get into bottle. Vikram tells Anandita they need to leave Lucknow. Anandita demands she needs to get back as Subodh’s recollections are in that house and she can’t separate a mother from her child. Vikram concurs and takes her along and gets back. Pihu strolls in holding Anandita’s pallu. Vikram says Anandita that he didn’t Pihu to see this, so he would have rather not brought them here.

Tantrik faculties soul and says it is here. He begins mantras againn. Pihu thumps entryway and shakes lock. Everybody hears sound. Tantrik says soul is attempting to get away, he won’t let her departure, thinks he wants guiltless sould like her to get all the more remarkable. Debris rises out of havan and hauls Pihu towards bottle. Pihu calls Gopal for help.
She gets liberated and stows away under table. Tantrik rehashes mantras. Anandita asks Shona/Pihu assuming she is fine, she feels something will happen to her. Shona says she is fine and thinks crazy lady is correct, Pihu will be gotten and afterward she will appreciate. Tantrik serenades mantras again while Mohini and Daadi dance.

Pihu attempts to run out of house. Mohini attempts to hydrate. Tantrik says no one can have food or water until he gets soul, inquires as to whether she is prepared to confront more agony. Daadi says she could put her life in danger to get out soul from her child’s home. Tantrik tosses fire and it stops Pihu. He gives water to Daadi and requests that she sprinkle it around entire house, soul won’t get away. Pihu argues Gopal to save her. Tantrik snickers that he really wanted honest soul to get all the more impressive. Pihu freezes till her neck, yet escapes once more.

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Anandita argues Vikram to remain back as she is feeling something wrong will happen to Pihu and spoils Shona/Pihu.
Pihu’s doll flies and she races to get it. Tantrik gets doll and asks whose doll is it. Daadi can’t see it and asks where is it. Tantrik says it is soul’s doll, so she canno see it. Pihu comes and says in the event that he wants to startle her and remove her from mamma, never… She with wizardry brushes off light and rebuffs baba’s manikins and afterward flies havan. Daadi and Mohini yell in dread.

Mohini runs out yelling opening entryway. Tantrik says this spirit is exceptionally near an individual here, so he will inconvenience that individual to get soul. He blacks sorcery, and Anandita feels torment. Pihu argues tantrik not to hurt his mom and strolls in. Tantrik inquires as to whether she can see soul. Daadi says no. Tantrik says soul is fit to be caught and cautions Pihu to get into bottle, else he will wound doll. Pihu argues not to hurt mamma, says bye to Anandita and gets into bottle.

Can You See Me On Zee World Wednesday 4th May 2022: Daadi sees smoke in jug and yells soul is caught. Tantrik says this house is liberated from soul, he will take her to graveyard and afterward will get back to treat the one who is alarming his child. Daadi expresses gratitude toward him. Bottle expands. Manikin tantriks cary it. Pihu argues mamma to follow through with something. Shona figures let her now, presently she will appreciate as Pihu. Anadita checks bottle out.

Precap: Pihu faces her doppelganger Shona’s test.


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