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Curse Of The Sand Monday 4th October 2021 Zee World Amar Minds Ananya they will get married within five days, and Shiv itself will do their Gathandan. Ananya dropped it.

He boasted that until Krishna was there, no one could see Draupati’s face, no one could touch Sita until Raam was still alive; Likewise, no one can marry his mother until the Shiv is still alive.

Radha complained to Amma Ji against hera because she had a problem with Ketki with Amar. He was annoyed and sent Chaya up to clean his room

In the room, Mishra Ji asked Chaya to release him. Chaya puts the condition that he must sing for him.

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Mishra Ji jumped out of the bottle immediately after Chaya opened the lid. Radha heard Mishra Ji’s voice, thank Chaya. He sang for Chaya and they both danced together. Radha and Amma Ji come to the room. Radha turned Chaya’s arm and asked who he asked earlier

free it. Chaya leaves without words. Radha complained that Mishra Ji was always flirtatious.

Amma Ji rebuked them to end their own problems, they had the brothers and witches to be handled. Mishra Ji said it was very important to deal with the first brothers. Radha agrees that the brothers are urgent dangers.

Shiv thought about his slap and tears. He has warned that he will die but will not marry Amar. The mother came to the room and held her hand to take her out. He asked where? He told him to leave.

Curse Of The Sand Monday 4th October 2021 Zee World Amar came to Sunana’s room and gripped his neck. Amar questioned why Sunana was on the side of Shiv, when he always thought of him as a son. Sunanda said Shiv had become a loyal son.

He flipped his time for his love; As a mother, she will change the whole universe. Love Shiv and Ananya is his victory.

Chaya came as a protector of Mohini, he put a gun behind Amar and pushed it out of the room. Inside, Chaya shows Mohini it’s not a gun but a wooden stem.

Mohini believes that they must warn Shiv as soon as possible. Amar who stands outside saying he won’t let Sunana live for it.

Ananya brought Shiv outside the house, in front of the temple corner. He was fed up with their relationship. Shiv confirmed it to understand that their relationship would only be the beginning of his death.

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He was not selfish thinking of himself, and did not appreciate his life. He must … his mother closed her mouth with her hand. He said if his name was not connected with Shiv, then Shiv was unauthorized to attach it to others too. Chunri fell on Shiv. He bent up and went inside.

Amar has tied Sunanda on a wooden bed. He came to burn him alive. Sunana wakes up from a nightmare. He said Amar could never know his secret. In his room in his room, Amar sat with the book with a witch’s secret. He laughed that he now only knew fire that could kill him.

Sunana came to Shiv’s room. He lay with his head leaning on the bed. Sunana put her hand over her head. Shiv woke up and was upset of seeing it there. Sunana asked her to listen once.

Sunanda said the family wanted to drive her and Amar, did he take care of his parents. Shiv said he didn’t care about anyone and pulled Sunana outdoors. Sunana continued to beg because she did not want to love Shiv and his mother went not fulfilled as hers.

Shiv said he knew Semanda had to have a motive behind all this, but this time he and his mother would not be a puppet in her hand.

They were surprised to see his mother. The mother came and asked Sunana not to join hands for anyone.

Curse Of The Sand Monday 4th October 2021 Zee World Shiv is relieved. Sunana gave her hand and prayed they were always together. Ananya Thank you for Semanda because his courage gave him the strength of the amplifier to fight a month again. Sunana Lea.

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