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Friday, 1st of October, 2021

Episode 145

Curse Of The Sand November 2021 Teasers 2021-Zee World Update : Ananya presents a gift to Shiv and fantasizes about their wedding, while Amar adorns her bedroom with balloons to make Ananya happy. Elsewhere, Chaya executes one of her plans to foil Dadi’s schemings, and unfortunately, Ananya becomes unconscious because Ketki filled the balloons with poisonous gas.


Saturday, 2nd of October, 2021

Episode 146

Shiv and Mohini’s conversations leave Amar deeply in thought. Meanwhile, Chaya’s schemes help Mohini to stay out of bottle imprisonment while Girja takes her place. Then, Amar is determined to execute Shiv, but Chaya tells Mohini about it, while Amar vows to murder Mohini for attempting to stop the execution of his plan.


Sunday, 3rd of October, 2021

Episode 147

Ananya is annoyed with Shiv about the present he gifted Amar, while Mohini is remorseful about her actions and is determined to rescue Amar and Shiv. However, Ananya is visibly excited about Shiv’s surprise, whereas Mohini could not discover the next phase of Amat’s plans.


Monday, 4th of October, 2021

Episode 148

Amar informs Ananya that they have to marry no matter what happens or how they go about it. But then, while Amar devises a plan to kill Mohini, Mohini demands that Shiv should get married to Ananya. As a result, Ananya places a curse on Shiv for his choices.


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Tuesday, 5th of October, 2021

Episode 149

Curse Of The Sand November 2021 Teasers 2021-Zee World Update Mohini helps Shiv to locate Amar; Shiv attacks Amar while in his evil form. Finally, however, Sunanda requests the members of the family to get Shiv and Ananya married. At this point, Devika and Shantanu appear, and the entire members of the family rejoice together.


Wednesday, 6th of October, 2021

Episode 150

Shiv is worried about Ananya, while Amar’s attempts at using Mehndi on Ananya are unsuccessful. Finally, Shiv and Ananya’s wedding ceremony commences, but then, the Pandit is prevented from continuing the next phase of the marriage ritual.


Thursday, 7th of October, 2021

Episode 151

Once the ritual begins, Shiv’s supernatural powers start to flow out of his body. Ananya moves to absorb the outflowing powers into her body but is shoved aside by Amar, who wants the power. After absorbing the power, Amar turns into a crumble of ashes. Eventually, Amar’s revival brings fear to Ananya when he is seen in Shiv’s room.


Friday, 8th of October, 2021

Episode 152

Curse Of The Sand November 2021 Teasers 2021-Zee World Update Mohini gets stabbed by Amar, while Ananya is devastated after seeing Mohini’s true identity. Kamal places a curse on Dadi for cooperating with Mohini and Amar. However, Ananya narrates all that happened to Shiv when the latter returns home; however, Shiv also supports Mohini and Amar.


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