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Curse Of The Sand Saturday 18th September 2021 The mother was afraid to see Mohini in her witch clothes. Amar appeared behind him with a dagger. Theanya loses his balance because of shock and fear. Mohini stood up and with a grin, he walked to Amar. Amar and Mohini play Ao Mina, Super China, Bad Boy; Good girl with clapping. Amar loses. Mohini boasts about never losing into any game.

He came to Ananya and asked how he was Mansi – aka Anian? The mother was surprised. Mohini starts dancing the usual witch dance. Ananya thought about Shiv’s words that he was a witch’s son who took him to the verge of death. Ananya remembered the worries of the family before when he did not trust them. Mohini introduced himself.

Amar asks if he will now kill his wife. Mohini forced his mother into a hug and said she was her lover. Ananya retreated, he was upset because he proved his nature. Amar asks how he even believes a magician will turn into a good person.

He remembered that Mohini had done the PAAT to bring Amar to life again. Mohini grinned that he had betrayed his parents for the past two decades, otherwise he was ready to kill him. Ananya shouted that this betrayal would cost him. Mohini told Amar to silence him. The mother was not ready to stop shouting. Mohini slapped him, he fell unconscious on the couch. Mohini grinned that his voice pierced his ears.

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The family sits on the roof together. Mishra Ji and Amma discussed that they would be on the witch side until they earned the money and security of their lives. Mishra Ji changed her name from Sunana to Mohini because Mohini sounded modern. Ketki cheered that in the love story of Amar and Ananya, he would get Shiv. They wondered where Shiv was. Mishra Ji was suspicious what if Amar endangered Shiv.

Amar and Mohini sat on a wooden swing together. Amar said he married his mother once, then his life was arranged. Mohini said his mother was her first victory, not her destiny. Amar asks what to do with Shiv. Mohini said they needed to plan something big for him. Ananya realized again. He looked at the door and Shiv stood there.

Amma Ji came to Kamal’s room whose hand was tied with a rope and the mouth recorded. Amma Ji asked Kamal why did he had a conflict with Amar and Sunana, he had to save his own life and marry his mother to Amar. Amar loves his parents, he is rich and strong. He will let go of his mouth only if he agreed to his decision. Kamal nodded. Kamal was determined not to marry his daughter to Amar. They are greedy and will suffer greatly but he won’t help them. Amma Ji pressed her mouth once more and pushed her own bed.

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Ananya hugged Shiv. He cried in front of Shiv and was relieved he was back. He told the whole story of betrayal to Shiv because he did not know what had happened here behind his back. Shiv did not embrace his parents again, also did not react to one of his accusations against Amar and Sunan. Amar grinned as he walked to Shiv. He said he wasn’t as bad as he thought … Shiv looked at Amar, then Ananya, and Sunan.

He was quietly, put his arms on his shoulder, and pushed him to Amar. Amar took him into his arms, trying to let go of his hair from his face. Amar continued, he was more evil than he thought … he couldn’t even estimate! He pushed him to the floor in front of himself. Shiv pulls it. Ananya asked him to guide him. He asked his wife, his love, his family.

The family came to the hall. Ananya tried to remind Shiv of his Sindoor and Mangal Sinter. Shiv turned his arm. Ananya Flinches. He pushed him. He turned to Amar and said, I’m really sorry, I don’t know the pig will react like this. Amar Place your hands on Shiv’s shoulder and say it’s okay, this is his first mistake. He told Shiv to go and meet him for their first special date. Ananya refused but Shiv held it in his hand and dragged him inside. Ananya’s.

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