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Curse Of The Sand Saturday 3rd October 2021 -Zee World Update Amar told Sunan that he could not stop him and when the clock would attack 12 and everyone would know the game. While he left, Sunana watched the gun in his pocket. In the hall, his mother asked Shiv for his big surprise. Rekha went called Amma Ji in her room, but couldn’t find it.

Amma Ji entered the hall and said that Shiv and Ananya could not do this celebration at her house in front of Mahadev. Theanya explained that Valentine’s Day and he did it for a reason. Ananya tried to talk to Amma Ji but Shiv stopped it. Shiv apologized to everyone. Kamal asked why he apologized.

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Ananya revealed that he was not married to Shiv, which surprised everyone. Shiv said that he was a person who had to blame and his mother was innocent. He said that he did lie to them, but his intention was right. Theanya said to Amma Ji that she had done everything for her love and apologized to her. Amma Ji forgives it and tells them not to repeat this kind of mistake. Ketki and Amar were disappointed with his decision.

Ananya gladly asked Shiv for his prize and closed his eyes. Amar walked with his gun towards Shiv, Sunana would be tense, but Amar handed the gun to Shiv and he fired three balloons. Ananya is happy because two balloons have married. Everyone was taken back because Shiv hated bullets in the last balloon and had an Amar written. Ananya asked Shiv what he did, Shiv then gave him a wedding card Amar Ananya Weds.

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Curse Of The Sand Saturday 3rd October 2021 -Zee World Update Ananya slapped Shiv and said he had become blind in his love for his brother. Shiv said he did it for his welfare. Kamal was angry and grabbed Shiv with his collar. Ananya tore the wedding card and said that he would die but would not marry Amar. Sunan asked Shiv that when he loved his mother and why she joked like this.

Amar grabs Sunana’s feet asking them to forgive him if he made a mistake and he would make his best happy. Ananya was angry at Shiv and Amar and told them to leave his house, and Shiv to leave his life forever. Ananya goes, ketki is happy.


In the room, Amar arrested his mother by saying that she had done right by tearing a card because it was not good and she would design their wedding card. Ananya bit Amar’s arm, and he told him not to do anything because he would bear the pain. Amar promised that he would marry his parents in five days.

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