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Curse Of The Sand Thursday 7th October 2021- Zee World Amar came to his own room early in the morning and bowed to him. He asked if he planned something for their marriage. Ananya pushed him away saying this is the plan, he warned him to get out of his dream world. He will die but won’t marry someone like Amar.

Amar smiled and said he was innocent. He wrapped it with his own Chunri and items from the rest of the cloth in his mouth. He said he kidnapped him, and when he realized they would get married.

Devika woke up from this nightmare about his realm. He was sweating and tense and asked her husband to go to Banaras. His friend was in trouble there.

Sunan is looking for his name in the room. Shiv came there and asked how Sunana didn’t know where the mother was. Sunan insisted she did not know and pointed out that Amar was also not here. Shiv insists that Amar is the only person who can protect the realm of Sunana and even the devil inside him. Sunan thinks true that Shiv didn’t hear anything against Amar.

Ananya opened his eyes in the warehouse. He was tied to a chair, his mouth was recorded. Amar came to hang it in Red Chunri. He reminded him of when they were trapped in a fire ring together, since then he dreamed of taking a marriage oath.

If the order agreed to get married before, they would definitely expect their little AMA. Ananya struggled to set aside himself. Amar said this would not help, except to hurt his legs. He even hugged him in his ear. He tried to penetrate his nose using a nose ring. He refused when he was sick. Amar said he was also in pain when he always rejected him. Today, he balances everything.

Curse Of The Sand Thursday 7th October 2021- Zee World Sunan followed Shiv outside on the road. He convinced Shiv to believe it once for this problem. Please thank it, it’s not a magician but a mother talked to her, her eyes would only describe care for Aranya.
Amar said the reality would think Pandit Ji was not here.

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How their marriage will take place. He showed a timer who said he had to prepare carefully from Shiv. He wants to make their wedding special. He opened the Sindoor box and jumped joy, because his mother would apply this today.

Amar sat with his mother at the mandap. Ananya took the opportunity to call the Shiv number from Amar’s cellphone. Before Shiv called, Amar cut the phone and slapped his mother. Shiv rotates the number again but tense because it is not connected.

He said there was a temple bell behind Amar when calling. Sunanda said only one temple open was so late, and asked Shiv to accompany her. Amar warned his mother to play Shrewd, her Shiv would not come for help.

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Devika and Shaan reached Panday Nivas to meet. The family is tense. Mishra Ji told Amma Ji they could not find it anywhere. Amma Ji said her mother, her mother, Amar and Shiv lost. Devika got tense about her nightmare. Kamal suggested reporting to the police.

Shiv and Sunana reached the temple in the forest. Sunan goes to hiding. Amar has played a wedding spell footage. Ananya secretly prayed that the liar and traitor can marry her when God hates the liar and the wrong perpetrators.

There, Devika prayed for his real strength.
Shiv also prayed for Mahadev’s help. He vowed to protect the reality of the problem, but it seemed like he was in the biggest problem of life because of him. Stick turned the fire flying fire and landed to Shiv’s feet. He and Sunana headed towards the fire.

Shiv heard recordings from inside and knocked on the door, calling his mother. Sunanda asked him to try and destroy the door. Ananya continued his prayer. Amar holds his arms on his arm and starts taking around.

Curse Of The Sand Thursday 7th October 2021- Zee World Sunan hopes he has his strength today. He asked him to pull Rudraksha, they needed his strength. Shiv was not ready, because he did not need the power to protect his parents. Ananya can jump Amar’s arm. Sunan breaks the bracelet and cuts the utas s

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