Curse Of The Sand Tuesday 5th October 2021 Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse Of The Sand Tuesday 5th October 2021 Zee World RAM told Siya that he would support him in himself. Siya thanked him and said they had to find Dayimaa first. RAM warns not to take the name Dayimaa.

Siya asked how he could doubt Dayimaa, Dayimaa would never hurt him. Dayimaa heard that thank you Siya to trust a waiter. Ram told Siya, he saw Dayimaa stabbing him. Siya said he didn’t believe.

Mohini entered the juice and said Dadimaa sent him to him, he heard his conversation and if he planned to catch Chudail, he had to drop this idea and backward when Chudail never made his enemies. Dayimaa warns not to believe in this chudail.

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RAM walks into the kitchen to prepare food. Cooks ask not to trouble themselves, they will prepare food. RAM said he would prepare food for Siya from here. Siya entered and asked why she did it

He ruined the kitchen. Ram asked him to come out and said he would take care of Siya from here.

Siya received an emotional trial. RAM prepares Dalia / porridge for Siya. Siya said she hated Dalia, she was supposed to prepare something spicy. He asked if he would have it with his hand or not. He agreed.

Romantic songs are played in the background. Siya asked how she reached the nearby forest that night. RAM said he sent a message. Siya said she didn’t. RAM shows the message.

Siya realized that Dayimaa sent her from her cellphone because she wanted to protect Siya. Dayimaa mocked Mohini that his Siya found a clue. Ram shouted Dayimaa called him there to kill him.

Curse Of The Sand Tuesday 5th October 2021 Zee World Aiya said he thought RAM. Mohini laughed at Dayimaa that his boss did not even believe him, soon he would get trust and backstab Siya. Dayimaa said he could not cheat Siya.

Mohini walked to Siya and held her legs crying that she was guilty of loving RAM and trying to take it, Siya could drive her from Haveli because of this mistake or forgive it and let it serve. Siya hugged Mohini and said loving someone was not a sin.

Dayimaa begged Siya not to fall in love with Chudail tricks. Siya heard Dayimaa’s voice, called him and asked Mohini if ​​he heard Dayimaa’s voice. Mohini said he still remembered the traitor.

Siya said Mohini was also afraid of hearing Dayimaa who informed Chudail, commemorating the incident.

Mohini said yes, Dayimaa definitely gave him something as a clue. Siya Reminsces Dayimaa gave him a box. He got a box out of the closet, opened it and saw Laddoos in it, Dayimaa said he was preparing for Laddoos that day.

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Dayimaa is happy that Siya’s intelligence failed to cheat Chudail and asked her to eat laddooo and solve puzzles. Siya elongated her hand to eat Ladoo while Mohini stood tense.

Precap:Curse Of The Sand Tuesday 5th October 2021 Zee World Siya broke Laddoo and found a diamond in it, think of why the dayimma remained diamond in it. Dayimaa eagerly asked him to use his brain more and found a clue.


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