Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September Safe walking towards Tabreezi Ruminating Tabreezi threw a magical herb to him and turned it into Kachra Jin. Tabreezi nervously said he was tired and had to rest. Shayari called everyone, and they were all in a hurry. Tabreezi thinks Natasha cheats them to save him.

Natasha in Shayari’s body arrested Shayari and said she tried to peek and confirmed Roshni to tie it. Roshni will tie Shayari when the descendants enter and exchange Shayari and Natasha’s souls with magical herbs.

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Shayari thanked him for swiping his body back when he felt weak in Natasha’s body. Roshni Ties Natasha. Shayari tells everyone that Natasha acts with the command of Tabeezi.

Daadi did not trust him and said Tabeezi helped their families for years. Rohan said Shayari saw Tabeezi with Natasha. They realized safely lost and rushed to his room where they saw him safely falling asleep and Tabreezi around him. Roshni asked what happened to safe and what he did here

. Tabreezi said safely tired and weak, so he gave him energy drinks and made him fall asleep. As soon as he left, safely woke up and revealed what Tabeezi wanted to do and he was the one who made him Kachra Jinn.

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Tabreezi misunderstood Shayari as Natasha and told him that he wanted to be safe forgetting that he made him Kachra Jin and he would kill Roshni by drowning it with blue water and get the heart of the angel. Shayari said Roshni was a strong Ayana and she couldn’t endanger Roshni easily.

Tabreezi said of the 3 angels, only 1 which protects the heart of the Angel Roshni, so it’s easy to kill him and win Angel’s heart and only a safe word that can save him. Shayari rushes to the room safely and tells you safely, Roshni, a DeHaan about the same thing. Safely said even his sword with Tabeezi and they needed to get it from him.

Tabreezi felt someone in the room and entered. Shayari sleeps in a safe place while safe and Regajape escapes through the window. Tabreezi asks if it’s safe still sleeping. Roshni said yes with her magical herb. Tabreezi left. Roshni and Safe Spy on Tabreezi.

Tabreezi walked to his room and thought before 12 midnight tonight, he needed to get Roshni’s heart. He opened the book Ilme Jinn and was a safe sword he hid there. After he left, safe and Roshni entered and checked the book. They were surprised to see the sword there, take and run away from there. They saw Reta and Shayari in the living room. Roshni said they felt they were trapped. At that time he was stuck in the glass room. Safely rushed to worry and tried to break the glass space with magic.

Precap: Tabreezi tells Roshni that he will take back Jin Angels from Roshni at any cost and Roshni must die for it.


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