Curse of the Sands Monday 13th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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In this post Curse of the Sands, Monday 13th September 2021 Update Zee World At Amar told Shiv that he told his thoughts they did not have a mutual future. Shiv was called by his boss. He told Amar and Ananya to wait here. Ananya left the office. Amar grinned and called Ketki, asking about the status of preparation at home.

On the way back, he really thought he could not disappoint him because of the small actions of Shiv. He was afraid of the devil inside him, he needed to work to get rid of his inner devil. He prayed to God to help him.

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At home, Ketki called Amar that his mother returned home. The room was smoky when his mother entered, and a man stood up with his back. Ananya embraced Amar from behind. He told him about Amar, his intention, and his wedding offer.

He said I love you very much. Shiv called his name from the door. He was surprised when Amar turned to him. Shiv moved forward and slapped his mother hard on the face. It was not Ananya but Amar who had been slapped. Shiv pulled his order to his side. He said he would not believe Mahadev even if he himself opposed his own character. He could see the innocence in his eyes.

He didn’t want to know anything from Amar again, he knew his intention. He had been disappointed at Amar and told him to leave this house. He didn’t want to see Amar’s face again. Ketki watched this from the door. Shiv said Ketki had the same part in whatever Amar did, he also had to leave. Ananya hugged Shiv and cried.

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Sunanda came out of her room, disgusted over Amma Ji to fill the house with smoke throughout. He said now it’s time for them to show off their strength. Mishra Ji comes from behind, rubbing her hand to her arm. Sunananda turned into Mishra Ji and kicked her. Mishra Ji flew high in the air and landed on the roof. Amma Ji and Rikha and fear of witches.

Sunana walked upstairs and laughed loudly.
Ananya gladly came to the corner of the temple. He prayed for a way out to Shiv to get rid of his black strength. He turned and immediately felt Sindoor fell on his hairline. He smiled at the corner of the temple.

At night, Kamal is still awake while Sunana is sleeping. He remembered how Sunanda had converted some creatures. He carefully left the room. Jalebi came to Sunana and asked if Kamal had an affair with others. Kamal came to Amma Ji lying in her bed, still shivering in fear. He put his head on AMMA Jim’s lap and slept there.

Sunana watched the window and thought she could not be manipulated by them again and had to do something.
Ketki came to Amar’s room. Amar packed a bag. He convinced Amar not to give up but he wasn’t ready to hear anything.

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