Curse of the Sands Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee World

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Curse of the Sands Monday 20th September 2021 Update Zee World Shiv came to his order. He fell asleep. He waved his hand but did not wake him up, he turned to leave. The mother held her hand. Shiv sat and carefully put his hand back, then left. Sunan came to Amar’s room and the question what happened to him, how he could treat Shiv very badly.

He moved his feet on the table. Sunan threatens that if something happens to Shiv in this madness, its strength will be useless. Amar answered he didn’t care, because his strength was useless for him, without his mother. He asked why Sunana wanted to trap him where he himself stood thirty years ago.

He clapped and Chaya came there. Chaya tells the talk talks and Sunana and sent by Amar. Amar told Sunan that he would not achieve the same results as Sunan. He couldn’t get RAM to lose it, but he would definitely get his parents, at any cost.

If he can’t win the challenge in 21 days, he will kill Shiv and marry his mother. These forces were in vain, and Shiv was not in front of him, even without his strength. He told Sunana to pray that the mother agreed to marry her in 21 days, if not, things would get worse. Sunan left the room, angrily.

That morning. Ananya cooking sweet and smiling remembering Shiv madness for sweet Panday Mishkan. He has completed his sweet skin. He poured sweetly on a plate and adorned with nuts. Sunana passed and came to Ananya, asking where she took this sweet. Ananya answered, this for Shiv. Sunan throws a plate and all sweet down on the floor.

Sunan asked her mother if she believed she could restore Shiv’s memories by feeding her sweet meal. If Shiv gets back his memory, Amar will kill him and his mother will be responsible. Ananya decides Amar can’t do it.

The mother came to Amar’s room, greedily. He questioned what he thought about himself. He threatened his dare he thought of killing Shiv. He is a shield and won’t let him touch it. Amar faced his mother asked if he didn’t cross the limit.

Ananya said Amar did not deserve respect or limit; People have to wonder why he is there. Amar will slap him when Shiv holds his hand in the air. Amar gripped Shiv’s neck.

The Ananya Defensive Shiv. He remembered Semanda threatening that Amar would kill Shiv if he regained his memory. Amar’s eyes turned black. Ananya apologized to Amar and asked him to leave Shiv.

Amar left Shiv with a jerk and said this was his love in his name he spent Shiv. The mother joined her hand with fortunately and left the room. After that, Amar pulled Shiv to the wall and questioned how he dared to hold his hand.

Sunana is in her room. Mishra Ji told Sunana about Shiv holding Amar’s hand. Sunana wonders if Shiv gets back her memory. Semana asked what happened ahead. Mishra Ji said she could only hear this information. Sunana’s tension has increased. He thought it seemed that the mother would take her life Shiv, she now had to do something.

In the corner of the temple, the mother thanked God for such happiness. Holi tomorrow, and it will definitely bring the color of new happiness in his life.

Shiv is in his room. The mother came to her room with her hand behind. Shiv turned to him. Ananya happily tells Holi tomorrow, and he will play it today. Shiv did not let the people touch it, and vice versa forcefully pushed it.

He angrily told him to stay away from him. A girl asanya does not have self-esteem, character or self-esteem. How could he be shameless? Ananya asked why he held Amar’s hand and protected him. Shiv replied he didn’t want Amar to hold his hand on a girl like Ananya.

He remembered Amar gripping his neck. Shiv said, why did Amar want to hit a dirty girl like Ananya, the family must blame Amar if he was injured. Ananya is sad. Shiv said, Ana.

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