Curse of the Sands Saturday 4th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World
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In this post on Curse of the Sands Thursday 4th September 2021 Update Zee World Shiv woke up from a nightmare where he married his mother, turned into a crime and bit her neck. He sat on the bed. Something thrown into his face, he realized his mother stood in the window.

He went to ask what he did. Ananya answered him peeling the egg, will he accompany. He asked why he was annoyed. Ananya asked him to open the door now, and convince anyone there.

He opened the door and sneaked into Shiv. He also lost balance and both of them finally lay on the floor. The nightmare haunted Shiv’s mind once more, who looked away. The mother looked at Shiv’s eyes very sharply.

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Sunana appreciates Amar who proves that Shiv is Mann. He remained protected from him for days, even though he made several attempts to confirm his truth. He kissed Amar on his forehead.

Amar replied to a small mummy course, he took care of him when his parents left him; He took him. He missed him and wanted to play his beloved game with him. Both played the game clapping, challenging each other for the statue. Sunana stroked Amar’s face, bragging about him grew up.

Amar said he taught him that life could attack anytime, he just rested, did not fall asleep. He tried to test it once again. He is proud of his planning, he uses such a trick that even Devki believes that he is the son of Ram and Siya. Sunana told her to enjoy fruits. He went away, warned Amar to be careful of Shiv by knowing the truth.

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The mother jumped to Shiv bed and said she would sleep here. Shiv asked what he did in his bed, and where his parents were. He asked him to go back to the room, he didn’t want a drama.

The mother tells Shiv to remain silent for a while. He said his father had not returned, and Mummy had to be busy in Dadi’s room. He held his hand and tried to make his mood. He looked away. Ananya hugged Shiv from behind. He said no one except Mummy knew about their truth, let’s marry.

Sunana dances and cheerfully laughed on the roof. Mohini appeared in the mirror there. Semanda boasts that he finally knows the reality of his mann.

Shiv was Mann and Siya’s son, Amar told him about this reality. Siya grabbed her son, and now he also seizes his son; Amar also doesn’t recognize himself. Mann knew about his mother, but Amar didn’t. Amar is the true son of Rana but he will never know about it.
At night, Dai Maa heard footsteps approaching his room.

He pulled the sword from under his pillow and against the attacker who tried to throw the sword at him. Two men turned on the light of the room and charges towards him with a wooden stick. Dai ma counts them efficiently. He thought yesterday Amar left, and today he was attacked. What if the witch now knows about Mann?

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Sunana holds two lipsticks considering each as Mann and Amar. He decided that tomorrow both would become an enemy, ready to kill each other. Amar will disappear.

Mann will win the fight, and he will get back his strength. Ananya and Amar are the cards who will help him achieve their goals. Shiv did not recognize Amar’s biggest enemy, which was blinded in his small mummy love.

Dai Maa carefully packed his bag. He decided to tell Amar and Shiv about the witch. He could not leave anything here because the magician might know the reality.

He decided to take an Amar bag. He holds a bag and a piece of pot from him. Dai Maa recognized him as Mohini, from where he drank blood. He wondered how Amar got a pot.

Dai Maa now recognizes the threat and miracle what if Amar is in the Mohini team. He dismantled the bag and found all that proved Amar’s connection with Mohini. He realized that it was Mohini’s trick to send Amar.

Shiv told his mother, she loved her, she couldn’t stand the pain killed her with her own hands. Ananya asks who will let him kill him. They love each other, and he needs to trust his love.

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