Curse of the Sands Friday 3rd September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World
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In this post Curse of the Sands Friday 3rd September 2021 Update Zee World Sunana went looking for Amar to approach him. Mishra Ji and Rekha heard discussing that the mother opened the living room for Amar. Sunana came to the guest room but Amar was not in it.

Shiv came looking for Amar to the room. Sunana hid behind the wall then turned around when she felt someone’s presence there. Semanda tried his best to hide himself. Shiv didn’t find it behind the wall.

Shiv now comes to the living room where Ananya is cleaning. He asked Amar when he arrived here. Amar said he went to the roof, the scenery was extraordinary.

Theanya suggested cleaning the room now. They shake hands and go to clean all the dust from the room. He played with Shiv while Amar was very looking at his parents.

It was night. Shiv object above the bed linen was chosen. He said it was the color of the girl. The real comments that Shiv always chooses plain and old plain colors.

They asked Amar to choose one. Amar liked the one chosen.

Theanya boasts about winning and happy to spread the bed linen for Amar. Ananya now take a leave because his father will be angry otherwise.

Amar especially thanks him. Shiv offers his help to Amar if anything is needed. Shiv turned and saw the Amar wallet and photos of their parents in it. He carefully told Amar to never open a photo of Baba and Rasgulla. Witch lives in this room and everything will be destroyed if he sees it. Amar said it skipped his mind, but who was it.

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Sunana pulled the dagger from the closet and said today, the blood of others would touch it.

Amar said to Shiv that he was his mother. Shiv silenced him and said he was cunning and living in this house for years as his mother. He left the bed in the hands of outdoors. There, Sunana holds a dagger in the air and reaches the stairs. Shiv down. He carefully moved up.

Amar holds a smile on his face, flattering his parents. Semanda opened the door of his room and found him asleep. He saw his wallet and was surprised to find photos of Amar’s parents.

He said the son of Rana Sahib. He said Shiv was Amar’s brother, then understood that Shiv was Mann according to his doubts. He said Shiv saved himself from each of his tricks. He has found his mann, he doesn’t need anyone.

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He tore the photo of Rana Sahib and his wife, and decided to kill Amar first. Then, he will kill Mann and get his strength back. He attacked Amar to sleep with a dagger but Amar held his hand in the air, overcoming attacks tightly. He threw Sunanda. Sunana attacks once again.

Amar throws the bed scattered in Sunana but Amar is no longer there.

He attacked him from behind and grabbed the dagger from him. Sunana carefully support. Amar attacked Sunana with a dagger. He is sob.
The mother wakes up at night and doesn’t find Sunana goes looking for it.

Amar did not attack Sunanda, he only touched the dagger with his stomach. They shared a sharp look, then hugged each other sharing hard laughter. Amar called Sunana as a small mummy.

The mother came out of the room and the miracle where Sunanda left. He thought it was a great opportunity to meet Shiv.

Sunana closed the door to Amar’s room and appreciated Amar for doing what he had never done. Today, he proves that Shiva is Mann.


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